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Posted by Johny Dean on July 4th, 2013

Balustrades have been around since the Assyrians decorated their palaces with them; this happened between the late 25th century BC to the year of 605 BC. In most cases, balustrades were and still are represented by several vertical elements supporting a railing, and stopping people or animals from falling over; balustrades are usually used around stairs, at balconies, and in any other location where there is a sense of height.

The problem with regular balustrades is that they are made from balusters, that are placed several centimeters one from another. Because of this, small things can fall down from a certain height. Now you can imagine what could happen, if you have a small child, and your balusters are too spaced. This potential problem has lead to the appearance of a new type of balustrades, that do not use the well-known wooden or metallic balusters.

We are talking about glass balustrades, that allow you to protect yourself and your family from falling from heights. In addition, a glass balustrade South Wales offers clues about what happens behind it, not mentioning that it allows the sunlight to enter through the house better, especially if it is constructed for the balcony. Compact balustrades made from wood, stone, or metal could provide a good protection against falling from heights too, but they would never allow the sun to bathe your house in light like glass balustrades do.

A glass balustrade South Wales is made from compact glass segments, one or more handrails South Wales, and some newels, that support the handrails. The primary goal of such balustrade is to bring safety and style to one's house. The other goal, not that known by people, yet equally important, is to support the handrail or top rail. It is very important for the balustrade to be able to sustain the handrail, otherwise the protection offered by it would not be that high, since the balustrade could lean over and fall down at the slightest touch.

To make sure that no problem will ever occur, contact a balustrade manufacturer that can produce handrails South Wales as well. Such manufacturer should be able to design the handrail, so that the glass balustrade, also designed by him, to support it without any problem. If you are looking for balustrades in stainless steel or glass, feature stairs, handrails, steel stairs, and many others, contact Q S Balustrading, your partner in perfecting the interior and exterior of your house.

Architectural details make the difference between an ordinary house, and an outstanding one. If you want a trendy residence, consider using a glass balustrade South Wales with suitable handrails South Wales, both delivered by Q S Balustrading. This company was established in 2005 and has been at the top ever since, because of their excellent products and second-to-none service. All the products are made from the best materials to ensure a long life and an easy maintenance process, and they are designed and installed only by specialists. Q S Balustrading can be contacted at 01685-384-361 or 07852-146-260.

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