The Irresistible Glamour of Gemstone Jewelry

Posted by aypearl on July 5th, 2013


A gemstone is a mineral or rock, which can be used in jewelry after cutting or faceting and polishing. When gemstone becomes jewelry, it becomes the most irresistible jewelry in the world.

From ancient times, gemstone has played an important part in Tibet, China. It was used as the first imperial clown of Tibetan king. It also used as the most precious gifts Tibetan king presented Lama or neighboring states. In ancient times, gemstone was placed in the same position as gold.

In lots of Asian societies, blue color is regarded as the symbol of mascot. Thus, some people believe that if they wear gemstone jewelry, they can be safe. That is why when they take a trip, they will wear some gemstone jewelry. It is also said that if a person dreams about gemstone, they will be blessed forever. If the gemstone people wear turns more green, people should be careful, because that may means there is some problems with their liver.

There is also a mysterious story about gemstone. It is said that gemstone has some connection with people’s soul. According to this story, people should not throw gemstone in river, which may kill them because their souls leave them with the gemstone, too.   

When people wholesale jewelry online, they will find that gemstone jewelry is a lot cheaper than other jewelry. This turns gemstone jewelry the most popular wholesale fashion jewelry. We can always take gemstone jewelry with us no matter what season it is. Why not take gemstone? It is glamorous and quite affordable.

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