Best cure for papada? Here it is?

Posted by SharonEvans on July 5th, 2013

A double chin or papada is not a pretty sight by any means. Unfortunately some people cannot control the development of their double chin. It's not because they consume fatty food and are victims of obesity - there are some that develop double chins due to genetic reasons. While there are ways and means to reduce a double chin nothing is more effective than cosmetic surgery. Depending on the reason of the occurence of the double chin a cosmetic surgeon may prescribe normal cosmetic surgery or lipoaspiração.

The reasons for someone developing double chin or papada can be many.

Among the elderly people double chin forms when the skin and muscles beneath the chin become lax. The plastysma muscle is what is found in this area and it can become loose as it wears down with age.

Among people that don't manage their diet well double chin forms due to the excess accumulation of fat.

If someone doesn't fall within either of these two above mentioned categories they may develop double chin due to hormonal changes or due to genetic reasons.

Depending on the reason for the development of double chin cosmetic surgeons perform different surgeries. In those cases where the double chin is due to old age or due to genetic reasons general cosmetic surgery is performed. An incision is made beneath the chin to reveal the muscles beneath. These muscles are then sewn together tightly to remove their laxness. The skin beneath the chin is also tightened through sutures to make it tighter and firmer.

Lipoaspiração or liposuction is a process through which excess fat is removed from the area beneath the chin. This is a very effective procedure that completely removes the double chin after the patient heals.

A cosmetic surgeon, before they perform lipoaspiração, will first diagnose the condition of the patient. There are various types of this surgery possible and if everything looks alright then laser aided liposuction may be carried out. This surgical procedure is perhaps the most convenient of the lot because it causes minimum scarring and is highly effective.

Of course one may not want to go through these procedures. There are some other ways that double chin can be removed or at least reduced. Double chin straps are known to be effective when used for a few months. There are various neck exercises that can reduce the extent of double chin. People change their body posture so that the double chin or papada can be hidden from view. There are also some medications that supposedly manage to remove double chin. The only issue with all of these straps and medicines is that they don’t promise results. On the other hand lipoaspiração is known to remove papada and it becomes a permanent solution provided one is willing to now manage their lifestyle and diet.

If you want the best results for papada you must consider lipoaspiração. The process is simple and time saving but the effects are amazing. Find out more and you will know.

Lipoaspiração, without doubt, is the best possible treatment for papada.

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