Top 5 Golf Tips For Beginners

Posted by Golferholics on July 6th, 2013

All of us know that Golf is a ball game, in which competing players use different kind of clubs to hit balls into a number of holes.  The entire human body is used in the complicated motion of a golf swing. All of us certainly known that golf is a game that helps players to keep away from everyday worries, enjoy the scenic beauty of golf course estates whileproviding them therequired break. It is not only revitalizing,but it also enables one to build a lot of social and personal contacts.

Below are top 5 tips for beginners:

1) Focus on the short game first

The tip for beginning golfers is to concentrate on the short game first and then focus on the long game. This helps you master the game better, and you will be able to go out on the golf course much faster and enjoy and relish more fun.

2) Go to the Driving Range

Golf probably must be an easy game to play, right? Certainly not!It is to be notedthat it is one of the most difficult games to master. Many of us think that by just buying a set of clubs one can start playing. However, this is not true. The perfect way to start playing golf is to practice the game for at least six months before playing on a golf course. Learn the basics and then go play.

3) Get a Magazine or Book

You can buygolf magazinesto get a rough idea about the game. These magazines always containtips for every aspect of the game, and there are a number of golf instructional books that are easy to understand and follow.

4) Practice/Play as Often as Possible

In order to master the sport, you ought to practice a lot. If you really want to excel, you need to practice at least one hour per week or play a round of golf regularly.

5) Join Up with Someone Who Plays

Lastly, it is recommended that you join someone who has already played the sport. You can learn a lot on different strokes, and they can you useful tips which will help you master the game.

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