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Posted by AxelPrice on July 6th, 2013

When Apple came out with their iPhone everyone thought that end was near for the other handset makers, at least in the same segment in which iPhone operates. But then we saw the rise of Google Android and how it managed to come up with a much more open platform to upstage Apple. Today 70% of all smartphones shipped are Android phones and they sell in more countries than the iPhone. Google Play, the app store for Android is the most popular in the world. App developers across the world now want to make apps for Android for various reasons and the experience Android app developers are sure making hay in the sunshine.

What is the reason Android is making so much noise in the smartphone market even when Apple still rules this domain in terms of prestige? Why do so many people think that Android is actually better than iOS? Why is it that outside the USA the iPhone is falling behind Nokia Lumia and Android devices? There are some great advantages of Android that makes it the preferred platform for many handset makers.

While there are different opinions on this I would like to quote some examples that Guy Kawasaki gave when he explained why Android is better than iOS. He, for instance, mentioned that Android is better when it comes to openness. Apple is still very much closed and there is this shroud of secrecy around it. So, when someone uses an iPhone they can only get the best experience when there are other iPhone users around. Moreover, Android as a platform offers faster approval times and this sure is good news for Android app developers.

Although there are many positives in favour of the iOS the fact remains that Android is the platform of choice as of now. Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and we all know Samsung operates on the Android platform. Other notable smartphone makers like HTC, Sony and ZTE also use the Android platform. In this scenario it is but obvious that app developers for Android are going to be busy because more businesses would be looking to launch their Android app in Google Play.

An app is a brand builder for any organization and the better it is marketed the better brand building it can do. When an app becomes popular in Google Play it can earn massive revenues. When someone partners with Android app developers of repute such great apps can be created. And with so many app developers for Android coming up with their innovative apps choosing one of the best in the UK can sometimes be a difficult task.

When selecting Android app developers do your due diligence and you will not have a tough time selecting the best. Ensure that you look at app developers from a long term perspective so that the results keep coming. Once your Android app hits the market and attracts the users you will only see more revenues coming your way.

With so many UK app developers around it is sometimes difficult to choose one. If you want something for Android you should focus on Android app developers.


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