What are the most popular puppies for sale Surrey?

Posted by tedmark on July 7th, 2013

Dogs are undoubtedly the best friends of humans. They have always been the best friends and they continue to be the best friends. The kind of attachment dogs have with humans is seen to be believed and those who have pet dogs know what it is like to have them as pets. If you are interested in purchasing puppies for sale Surrey then here you get to know the most popular dog breeds in the country. We will also tell you why it is important to buy from the best dog breeders Surrey.

The most popular puppies for sale Surrey or for that matter UK continue to be Labrador pups. The popularity of this breed has increased by 31% in 2012 compared to 2001. They are followed in that order by Cocker spaniel (increase in popularity of 87%), English springer spaniel (increase in popularity of 18%), German shepherd (decrease in popularity of 27%) and Staffordshire bull terrier (decrease in popularity of 14%).

The other dog breeds that make up the Top 10 are, in that order, Border terrier (increase in popularity of 87%), Cavalier King Charles spaniel (decrease in popularity of 21%), Golden retriever (decrease in popularity of 20%), pug (increase in popularity of 557%) and Boxer (decrease in popularity of 40%).

You may be surprised to know that more and more people in the UK now prefer unconventional looking dogs that are not traditionally known to be popular in the country. Hence, Mexican hairless and Chinese crested dogs are among the fastest risers in terms of popularity. So, when you look for puppies for sale Surrey don’t be surprised to find some very unconventional breeds available for purchase.

Buying puppies for sale Surrey becomes an ever better experience when you deal with the best dog breeders Surrey. It is important to know about the good dog breeders around you because this is when you get the best quality pups. Otherwise it is very difficult to gauge the breed and pedigree of a pup if you don’t know everything about them. It is the reputation of the breeder that is most important.

You should look for those dog breeders Surrey that breed the pups at their home. This has a definite advantage because the pups are used to humans right from their birth and they are also familiar with the sights and sounds of homes. These breeders treat the pups and dogs as family and take the best care of them. When you see their pups and dogs you cannot but feel that the animals look happy and healthy. And very importantly, the best breeders don’t have pups for sale all the time. They may ask you to leave your contact details with them so that they can connect with you when there is a litter next.

Whether you want conventional puppies for sale Surrey or unconventional it is always good to deal with the best dog breeders Surrey. This way you will know that you purchased a pedigree pet that will be your best companion.

It is easy to know about the best puppies for sale Surrey. But ensure you find out about the best dog breeders Surrey so that you get the best pedigree dogs.

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