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Posted by AxelPrice on July 7th, 2013

Water transfer printing is a surface decoration process that allows for any paintable surface to be decorated with detailed graphic design. Water transfer printing – often referred to as wassertransferdruck – is currently being used by major manufacturers around the world. It is used by successful industry such as: firearms, aerospace, marine and military. There are thousands of water transfer printing patterns available on the market. There are many brands that specialize in wassertransferdruck and, as a result, there is a great range of camouflages: wood, brushed metals, marble, stone, carbon fibers, grains and abstracts. 

The wassertransferdruck services are provided for major manufacturers around the world. Plus, the industry is also dedicated to single item customers and is the only industry that specializes in custom luxury paint and abstract decorative coatings. Recently, the water transfer printing process has been taken to new levels due to application engineers and master decorators that have offered a great quality boost to the entire industry. 

Wassertransferdruck services are provided on a daily basis for: pre-production prototyping, one-off riffles, custom bikes, major firearm manufacturers, custom and commercial aircraft interior and luxury yachts.

Wassertransferdruck is also known as immersion printing, water transfer imaging and cubic printing. Regardless of the term used to refer to this printing process, it always consists of the same methods: applying printed designs to three-dimensional items. The wassertransferdruck can be used in metal, plastic, glass and various other materials that are pre-treated with a base coat applied before the printing process. During the process itself, a chemical activator is sprayed on the hydrographic film to dissolve it into a liquid and activate a bonding agent. The item is afterwards lowered into a vat through a floating ink layer. After removing the item from the water, a top coat is applied to protect the entire design. All in all, by the end of this tedious process, water transfer printing can achieve full coverage of the painted/targeted surface including small crevices. 

Water transfer printing services are, usually, inexpensive and can enhance the appearance of almost any project. The entire wassertransferdruck process can turn any ordinary piece of material into an amazing work of art due to the use of the most advanced technologies in printing industry. There are various patterns to choose from and they come in all colours. Therefore, water transfer printing can transform any surface. It can be of glass, wood, metal or even plastic. The wassertransferdruck process is lightweight, affordable and highly effective.

Wassertransferdruck professionals have all the necessary instruments, equipments and printing patterns to customize any given project. Moreover, there are many samples of prints available online. Wassertransferdruck websites also display design galleries with incredible examples of what water transfer printing methods can achieve. Moreover, some water transfer printing companies are even featured with state of the art printing equipment and can perform small to larger tasks in popular patterns such as camouflage, wood grains and carbon fibers.    

All in all, water transfer printing is used on everything from yachts to machines and firearms. It consists of the application of durable paint in a variety of patterns and on all types of surfaces. It endures direct exposure to harsh conditions and it does not rub off. However, recently, water transfer printing has stopped being used on any type of wood on account of the fact that poor quality wood can splinter. Therefore, wassertransferdruck is currently being used only on hard wood. Regardless of the material of the painted item, the main goal of water transfer printing is to put a lasting finish (in the form of a printing pattern) on an object that will, ultimately, be exposed to harsh wearing conditions. 

For more details, check out water transfer printing and read more about wassertransferdruck.

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