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Posted by audreytaylor on July 7th, 2013

The number of traffic accidents is increasing, but the victims of such unwanted incidents often remain without any support. Few victims know which way to follow in order to obtain material and moral damages if they were in a car accident, whether the guilty driver dies or does not have an insurance policy or it is false or it is not issued in the same country. There are many other situations in which victims or their relatives think they have no chance to any car accident claims and whiplash compensation. This is where specialized law firms intervene to help their clients obtain what it is rightfully theirs. 

Damages produced as a result of an accident can be material or moral. Their compensation is usually made by paying a certain sum of money. Material compensation represents returning of expenses made on the actions for healing the surviving victim or for his/her death. In other words, this means expenses with doctors, with medicines, generally everything connected to the treatment, everything that can be materialized in a receipt that can be submitted as evidence in court. Also, you can claim compensation of goods destroyed; for example if the victim's car was destroyed in the collision of cars, maybe it was something valuable in the car, like a laptop, or anything else, so the entire value needs to be compensated.

The same material compensation is given, for example, when the children of a parent who died in an accident lack financial maintenance: the court will determine which the amount of money that the parent allocated his children regularly is and will oblige the author of the accident to regular payments until the children get out of the state of need. Or let us imagine that a TV presenter is disfigured – she most likely will lose her job and this should be compensated by the driver who is guilty for the accident.

If we are not talking about a deceased, but a cripple for life, it is considered if he/she requires continuous treatment and car accident claims are made in court for any expenses with massage, lingerie, changes that need to be made to the apartment (such as access for the wheel chair or special design in the bathroom), special food and necessary treatments. They are granted according to the requirements made by the entitled party, either as an entire sum or as a monthly payment. Obviously, if in time other expenses as a result of the accident appear, they can also be claimed, even after trial completion.

Usually, if an accident occurs, neither the victim nor the author knows his/her rights; the author is afraid of any whiplash compensation he/she will be obliged to pay, and in other cases the victim does not know what to ask for and who to ask for car accident claims. Insurance companies assume the risk and liability to indemnify any damages. Firms which provide compensation claims services say from the start that they will not require any charge or fee for representation before the insurance company, police, prosecutor, court, until getting compensation for you. They are only paid in case they are successful (a percentage of compensation), based on the principle no win no fee, but only after the compensation money went into your account. Initial consultation is absolutely free. Although such processes last for very long periods, legal advice specialists are interested in a speedy compensation for you.

Find the best law firm dealing with car accident claims and whiplash compensation if you want to benefit from your rights.

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