Things to Look For When Buying Dog Car Cages

Posted by GiulyRotarry on July 7th, 2013

When you are traveling by car with your dog, dog car cages will help you secure your pets. This is also great for you when you are driving.  You can avoid getting into an accident because your dog will not get you distracted. These dog kennel systems are getting more popular because of these benefits and other advantages that include the following.

Your dog will feel more comfortable in the dog car cage as the pet will not be turning over from left to right and vice versa with every turn of the car. The car seats and upholstery will not be damaged by your pet’s sharp nails and teeth and your car’s cleanliness is maintained. In case of an accident or a crash, the dog is protected from being thrown out of your car.  He can’t run away either and risk his life in getting hit by another vehicle on the road. These types of dog kennel systems are also great for taking the pet to the dog groomer or vet or even just to travel by car

When buying dog kennel systems, there are things that you should look for; to be sure that you are picking the type that is suitable for your needs. The first thing that you would want, naturally, is a dog cage that is made especially for a vehicle and a strong one. Find the manufacturer that offers crash test statistics, so you will know how strong the dog car cages that they put up in the market are.

Many dog car cages are folding and adjustable to fit most cars.  If you are opting for a non-adjustable option, make sure that you take the measurement of the inside of your car and also the opening through which the cage will pass when you put it in or take it out. You may be able to find dog kennel systems that are specifically built for individual models of cars.  The higher price may be worth it because the dog cages look like they are real parts of the car.

The wire frame and molded plastic dog cage is the best to purchase.  While the regular plastic cage can be carried to the airplane, their strength is not suitable for use in a car. The wire frame cages are the easiest to maintain and keep clean.  This will keep your dog staying healthy and free from diseases.  Your car will smell fresh also.

These dog cages can be found at all pet stores.  Big box stores like Target and Walmart also carry these products.  If you are looking for specialty dog cages, finding them is easy at large online stores. Prices of dog cages for cars may vary depending on the size and style and may range from £50 to over £100.  If custom-made, these crates may cost up to £500, sometimes more. There are dog cage covers that are sold separately and you might want to invest on it.  They look nice and tend to soothe your pet while traveling with you.

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