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Posted by audreytaylor on July 7th, 2013

In the majority of situations that concern the safety of intellectual property, the trademarks register is the most important step, and the most time-consuming, in making sure that a new concept, or business, has the chance of securely developing into a well-known and profitable enterprise that is safe from the increasing number of plagiarism acts. By registering your trademarks, you gain the exclusive rights that will enable you to keep your customer base properly informed with regard to the authenticity of your brand and to legally dissolve the other individuals or companies that attempt to base their own profit on yours.

You should avoid making the confusion between domain name and trademark register, since domain name registration can guarantee you solely a name for your brand, while trademarks provide a complete legal protection. As a developing company, you risk through the emergence of cybersquatting to have your domain name registered by squatters that will request highly inflated prices from your part in order to gain control of these domains. However, if you choose to register your trademark beforehand, you will be in possession of all the tools necessary for taking these actions to court and winning the cause.

In order to efficiently register your trademark, you need the assistance of a trademarks solicitor that can complete the entire array of pre-checks and paperwork without error. You will be able to find a large number of such services simply by searching on the internet and reading through the wide range of procedural details that you will need to keep in mind when trying to register your brand. If you’re seeking solely legal counseling in the matter of intellectual law, there are also numerous specialized legal websites that can be a great informational resourced, and a place where to find qualified people that can provide you valuable insights.

The trademark registration varies according to the type of product you are creating and whether you intent is that of commercializing it. Planning a business at a local level won’t require from you the same level of effort in registering your trademark. However, the course of action that is taken at a national or global level is much more complex, and the patent options are far more diversified, being recommendable in this stage to keep in mind the necessity of being assisted by a specialist who can analyze your entire business plan and act in the appropriate manner.

As far as the fees required by attorneys are concerned, there is a general apprehension towards the financial resources that are consumed in all legal procedures, not just trademarks, and which are known to be very high. Therefore, numerous people are tempted to do the registration themselves. Although it may be an option in some cases, the risk of doing things incorrectly is considerable, and in some situations where the intellectual rights infringement will actually occur, you may find that a mistake will prove itself more costly than the effort of finding a law firm that requests acceptable fees, or gives the possibility of a payment in rates.

Depending on your business’s development plan, the guarantee that trademarks can provide you, and the safety your business will gain through a correct trademarks register is beyond any doubt. Therefore, you should make these steps a priority in your attempt to protect your brand’s identity, and request the help of a specialized lawyer.

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