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How Social Media Marketing Helps in Growing T-shirt Business

Posted by annecarton on August 6th, 2020

Starting a t-shirt business isn’t as tough as you think. Tshirts, being the most popular wardrobe staples, have influenced many people to start their own ventures. The high demand across the world has fueled the interests of the entrepreneurs as well. Another reason is that the t-shirt printing business is expected to become US billion industry 2025. So, there is no doubt that people are considering this domain as a profitable business opportunity. 

But just starting a shirt printing business isn’t enough. You need to market your products with the right strategy to attract customers. Marketing on social media is one of those strategies that help in growing your t-shirt business.
Social media marketing needs you to unleash both of your creativity and strategy.

It builds brand recognition

Every business yearns to gain brand recognition as a part of their marketing goals. It's because customers go to the brands that they recognize. Thanks to social media, that allows natural brand-building activity.

Unlike traditional media, social media gets your band in front of a broad audience. Furthermore, your audience comes across your brand even when they are unaware of your products. Your brand profile on any of the social media channels or cover photo work as brand building catalysts.

Let's take a visit to Nike's Twitter handle. Their profile picture is neat, and they place their iconic logo on the cover and the profile that you can quickly identify.

It generates conversations around your brand

Do you know a strong marketing strategy is the one that generates conversation around your brand? This strategy gets a brand to receive a tremendous amount of feedback related to their products. Also, it gets people talking about your brand.

Suppose you post your t-shirt design on social media and ask people for opinion. If that tickles their interest, they won't mind giving the feedback, appreciate, or share your post.

But to stir their interest and excite them to take action, you have to create an environment like they are talking to a person and not a robot. After all, no customers would like to talk and get no replies. Replying to their queries, feedback, or even a simple comment will make them feel more comfortable and valued.

Share content that not only makes them excited about your t-shirts but also creates conversations.

It teaches you the method of connection through social listening

Monitoring conversations around a specific topic on social media is called social listening. This act helps you understand the trends your audience is following. It also lets you know their interests. Additionally, you get an idea about the things they are struggling with. You can create content around those pain points and gain their trust.

What’s more? You can also detect the tone and language of your audience.

Make it your daily schedule to carry out social listening and check on things that people are saying in the t-shirt printing industry. Using social listening tools like Hootsuite and Buffer will help you as well.

It helps you share your brand story

Social media platforms are a great way to tell your brand story. If your story is compelling, it can have a significant impact on your brand identity. Depending on your choice, the story can be simple or elaborative.

The best way you can tell a tale is to involve people who use your custom t shirt. Share their feedback if they provide. It will get the message out that your products are high-quality. And, that’s enough for audiences to resort to your brand.

It helps you collect data for research and improvement

Social listening and audience research are similar. Audience research keeps a check on the keywords your target audience uses. But it's more product-specific. Social media allows you to gather this information. Both Facebook and Twitter let you analyze the insights of your every post.

Helps you provide exceptional customer support

At present, customers want their brands to handle their queries or requests on social media. Whether you're a well-established t-shirt maker brand or a newbie in this domain, customer support is a key to building a meaningful relationship with your audiences.

Social channels help brands render immediate actions for customer feedback and interaction. They can also reply to their existing and target audience right away. With a large number of customers taking social media's help to ask about products/services, having a customer support strategy in place is really important.

Consider, for example — a customer interested in custom t-shirts visits your Insta profile. He sees custom shirts there and asks if there is any facility such as a t shirt maker for him to design his own shirts. You can reply instantly if any such facility is available.

It helps build customer loyalty

Building brand loyalty for free is what every business looks for! On social media, customers follow the brands that they like and love to connect with. But what makes who scenario interesting is that 50% of the audiences who follow your brand are more likely to become loyal.

It's evident that if they follow you on social media, they are more likely to pick you than others. Furthermore, they will boost your traffic as well.

But to retain them as your loyal customers, you need to offer loyalty rewards, promo codes, etc. for discounts. Ask questions that prompt them to reply.

Tiny giveaways such as custom t-shirts, patches, stickers, etc. also make a long-lasting impression on them.


Now, you know social media is the gateway to success. Those who know how to leverage it will grow their business in no time. Follow the tips stated earlier and be ready to build your t-shirt business. 

If you have any other idea to grow your business, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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