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Posted by teresal on July 9th, 2013

To quickly get to food, it is worthwhile in any case barbarian camp attack - cheap gems for koc. If you look at the card and the barbarian camp clicks to get to know more, there is "barbarian invasions have become a threat to this province. Conquer this city and you can get a trophy! "
I was not known that sets it apart from raw materials, any advantages a barbarian camp attack. With an attack of the barbarians on their own city is certainly not expected. Maybe this will change in a future update still.
required troops
The success of an attack on a barbarian camp is dependent on various factors that can be created in Alchemy Lab and the Knight's Hall:
the fletching
the metal alloy
the potion
the poisoned corner
the combat experience of the knight
koc gems and lists various combinations of the individual factors in the successful attack of the barbarian camp. It is visible from two dominant strategies, each with its own advantages:
Attack with archers and supply wagons: Advantage - You need less troops. Disadvantage - It is much slower through the supply wagons.
Attack with cavalry: Advantage - The cavalry may itself carry the loot. Disadvantage - You need to attack more troops.

Kingdoms of Camelot - kingdoms of camelot discount gems- Barbarian camps
The advantage barbarian camp attack against foreign cities is obvious. With these you fight not only against the computer and against a real person who will be able to answer this attack with a vengeance. Depending on the level of the barbarian camp very good resources can be released here. Here is a small list of the relative strengths of the various barbarian camp and possible gains in commodities and gold. Where the income of foods is highest in relation both.

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