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Posted by adairsawyer on July 10th, 2013

When the risks of contacting sexually transmitted diseases are on such a high level as they are today, STD testing should not be something to be avoided. However, it is alarming that people seem to be afraid of a procedure so simple and beneficial. This is the reason why medical centers provide anonymous HIV testing and other investigations without requiring any information that you don’t want to share, hoping that one of the most common fears will be eliminated.

The continuous growth of the number of infections transmitted through sexual contact is posing serious question marks regarding the efficiency of the available information on this topic. It seems that even if there are many campaigns meant to promote the prevention of such infections, not enough people are aware of how important STD testing actually is. Not only that gives you a better understanding of your own body, but it also contributes to the cease of spreading the virus to other people too. STD testing will not harm your body in any way and it is better to do this at least once a year. The sooner you find out the result, the faster you can start treating any disease that shouldn’t be there. In fact, in most of these illnesses there is a high chance of having untreatable complications if the disease has evolved too much.

HIV infection rates are the most disturbing. This virus seems to hit people no matter their age, gender, race or social status. And the worst part is that one can have it without even knowing it is there. HIV can actually be asymptomatic for years before it becomes an unstoppable danger for your own body. Until then however, it might have harmed other people, who, the same as you, were not aware of the real risks of contacting these infections. Twenty percent of those people who are not diagnosed with HIV are actually responsible for about seventy percent of the new infections that are being contacted every year. It is a circle without escape. One contacts the virus from another person who didn’t get tested in time and then he passes it on unknowingly to somebody else. After all, we all think that it is never going to happen to us.

However, it is better to be sure you don’t have the infection rather than just supposing that it is not there. If you haven’t done this until now, you should know that there are no preparations needed before the test and you can easily take it after you have made the appointment to one of the many testing centers available. Most of them provide anonymous HIV testing, which means that no medical records, or any other information you don’t want to share will be required. The procedure is very easy, not painful and fast. The results can be sent by email, without mentioning any personal information about you.

STD testing can be confidential too. There is no need to share any unwanted information and you can have your own anonymous HIV testing without anyone else knowing.

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