Chlamidia and Gonorrhea Testing

Posted by adairsawyer on July 11th, 2013

The ugly truth is that humanity is now confronting a serious problem with STDs. The number of such diseases seems to be increasing as years are passing, instead of being kept under control. One solution would be to prevent their spread by encouraging people to get tested as often as possible. Thousands of medical laboratories in the United States provide simple and efficient analyses, such as gonorrhea testing or chlamidia testing. These procedures are extremely simple and they can save your life, because they give you an insight of what is going on inside your own body. 

There are approximately 25 sexually transmitted diseases (STD) nowadays. While some of them can be cured, other still remain a mystery for modern medicine. The one thing they have in common is the fact that they can be contacted through the exchange of bodily fluids from one person to another, generally during sexual intercourse. The most concerning aspect of these illnesses is the fact that most of them did not even exist some years ago. Before 1960, only syphilis and gonorrhea were known as STDs. Later, Chlamidia appeared in the 1970 in the United States and it is now the most common infection transmitted through sexual contact. Many others followed after that.

But what can you do to prevent the infection? Doctors recommend any STD testing, such as gonorrhea or chlamidia testing, at least once a year. Even more, if you happen to have had more than one sexual partner during the last few months or year, do not hesitate more in taking such a test. Don’t be afraid of the procedure. It is not going to hurt and you do not need any preparation. For chlamidia testing for example, you will just need to not urinate for an hour before coming to the laboratory so you will not have any problems in handing the sample.

Confidentiality is also a serious matter for most people who are taking such tests. This is the reason why all laboratories are providing anonymous chlamidia or gonorrhea testing. This means that no personal information will be requested if you are not willing to share it. No medical records, no names or addresses are going to be needed. You will receive a personal code that will be connected to your e-mail address and you will receive the results by this means in just a few days.

There is no reason to be afraid of positive results. A doctor will explain you everything step by step, so you will not be alone in this. Sometimes a second testing can be in order too, just to make sure that the results were not caused by other factors. Meanwhile, some antibiotics prescribed by the doctor can help you kill the infection. The best thing you can do is abstain from sex and inform your previous partners that they might carry the virus too. This way you will contribute to ceasing the spread of venereal infections.

Neither gonorrhea testing, nor chlamidia testing should be something to be scared of. These simple procedures can give you the understanding you need over what is going on with your own body.

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