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Create dynamic marketplace website with the best website store builder

Posted by kanuj on August 6th, 2020

You may have a high budget which would be quite enough funds to start with a marketplace website. But, you must also be vulnerable to the fact that many website store builders have their subscription plans as such that you would be bound to pay the hidden charges besides the annual subscription fee and upgradation and maintenance fees. Such platforms aren’t good enough to rely upon and just for getting the extensions and platform sold to the users/store owners they make false claims of getting a higher return on investments. The question is, isn’t there any such ideal platform that would offer almost everything you need and fits into the budget as well?

The eCommerce platform market is quite vast and varied and offers hundreds of options to go with. Some might have a simple feel to them but have very little to offer. Whereas some might be cluttered and quite intricate with details and features, but provide cheaper rates and prices. There are platforms like BigCommerce which increase their monthly charges of subscription as the store increases their sales or demands to scale some features. There is a platform like Shopify which is good enough to create a niche market but doesn’t support eCommerce marketplace features at all in any of its versions. The platform like CS-Cart and Sharetribe has a very limited number of eCommerce features to offer and don’t even provide customer support for free even for the most basic query as well. 

Definitely, that one ultimate platform is Sellacious which makes it so easy even for a non-techie store owner to create a fully-functional eCommerce store on their own. From enabling or disabling the eCommerce features the store owner or the admin could completely transform the front end template (also out the freely available one ) into exactly what they want. Not only this, a store owner could initiate and operate multiple stores under one banner and through a single point of operation. A store owner could launch an omnichannel marketplace that would be completely PWA compliant. They could define multiple roles which would be taking charge of the duties assigned to them and access the marketplace until the point where they are granted to. A store owner in the multivendor marketplace could register vendors and let them create their own storefront and modify as they want to.

Vendors just like store owner cand define their own shipping rules, coupon and discounts for customer being targeted, enable rating and reviews and decide upon which feedbacks are adequate to be shown, impose tax according to their geographic location and deliver the product on their own, provide the supported language translation, show the products in local language to increase sales, run email campaigns to generate awareness across masses, a lot lot more if store admin/owner make it permissible. 

Payouts to vendors could be done through Stripe connect or using any other alternative available with Sellacious, There are more than 65 payment methods that could be provided to buyers to avail for transaction purposes according to their convenience. There is literally no limit to the number of categories, sub-categories, variants, and products that could be uploaded irrespective of any plan a store owner has taken.

Any volume of traffic could be catered without any delayed page or resource load when using Sellaicous provided hosting and webspace. Being an open-source library a store owner is liberalized to modify the source code to create a custom plugin or they could also get in touch with the core team of Sellacious to get any custom requirement to build specifically for their business. 

With the detailed reports of transactions, logistics, order statuses, payouts to the vendors you could get the in-depth as well as the bird-eye view of your platform performance. In a multi vendor marketplace, you as a store owner get to know easily about the top-selling products, the vendors with highest-earning to the platform, your customer base and accordingly strategize about the new investment you need to make.

With provision to handle incomplete checkouts, email campaigning, and huge discount offers from vendors to the audience you really get high sales too without any hassle. All the website and online stores created are completely SEO friendly and in fact, each product could have been published with SEO optimized hashtags and meta description. The customer support team is readily available 24x7 to cater to all of your custom development requirements.

Also, the team will dedicatedly help you configure your store in case of any discrepancies. With round the clock customer service for technical or business glitches and consultations from Sellacious experts you could achieve a marketplace you have ever dreamt of.  

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