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The advantages of frequency converter application fields more and more broad

Posted by sere22 on August 6th, 2020

We know that the synchronous speed of ac motor expression: n = 60 f ( 1 - s) /p( 1) Type n for asynchronous motor speed; F is the frequency of the asynchronous motor; S for an induction motor; P for motor logarithmic. By the formula as we know, rotational speed n is proportional to the frequency f, as long as change frequency f can change the speed of the motor, when in the range of 0 ~ 50 hz frequency f changes, motor speed adjusting range is very wide.

Inverter is by changing the motor power frequency to achieve speed adjustment, is an ideal means of high efficiency, high performance of speed regulation, frequency converter is the use of power electronic semiconductor device on and off function to realize the power electricity power transformation and control of electronic circuit devices, to control and display can be intuitively.

Due to the superiority of the inverter, make its applicable field more and more broad, adopted technology is also constantly expanded, as well as the pursuit of the miniaturization of the inverter. Due to a new generation of IGBT used the drain - Control technology, is a collector - Emitter saturation voltage (Jane Ucesat) Greatly reduced, so use this new device, low loss, reduce the heating effect of eliminating loss. Frequency control of motor speed is energy saving, is mainly for the power savings of waste in the run at full speed. Especially the closed-loop speed control system, such as constant pressure water supply system, realized the on-demand drag, almost completely eliminate the waste in the process of the drive system is running. This is from big aspect to realize the energy saving. In fact, in many cases, there are big phenomenon, in the car, in this respect, has great potential. The fact that is indelible inverter can save electricity.

Actually, frequency converter and realize the specific effect of power electronics industry is as follows: 1) To further improve the efficiency of energy transformation, reduce the loss of standby. 2) To avoid electrical hazards, try to reduce the current harmonics, improve power factor. 3) Improve the electromagnetic compatibility of power device and system. 4) Reduce the electrical noise. 5) High performance control. Xuanhua steel plant dust removal fan, water system, feeding system is to adapt to the characteristics of the inverter, after a lot of theoretical research, used the frequency converter, make a certain contribution for our country's energy saving.

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