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4 Ways Lithium Batteries Power Up Solar

Posted by sere22 on August 6th, 2020

Purchasing solar is smart; pairing solar using a lithium ion storage unit is much smarter. While lithium batteries are normally a high initial investment compared to lead acid batteries, their exceptional performance and durability make them an perfect option for off-grid and grid-tie software.

When choosing a battery to match your solar energy system, knowing the benefits that lithium ion batteries have more lead acid batteries is vital. Below are some key benefits:

As stated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the efficacy of lead acid batteries is approximately 70% to 80%. This reduced efficiency is present during the life span of this machine. This is the area where lithium batteries transcend lead acid batteries because their efficiency is generally 99%.

Harvesting all of the energy out of the renewable energy system is another manner in which lithium ion batteries outperform lead acid batteries. The very low cost approval of lead acid batteries frequently suggests your inverters and charge controllers needs to lessen the energy they can harvest in order not to exceed the very low cost currents which lead acid batteries may take. The lithium, on the other hand, doesn't have such a drawback as they may be billed in the 1C rate. As an instance, if your lithium ion has a capacity of 100 Ampere-hours, you are able to control your battery with 100A.

Lithium batteries are very long lasting.

The cycle life of a battery, described as a release followed by a recharge, is a significant parameter in batteries because it determines how long your batteries will continue. This is just another place in which Lithium batteries outperform lead acid batteries because they frequently last 20 times longer than lead acid batteries. If you release your lead acid battery 100 percent of its capability it will deliver approximately 400-600 cycles. A lithium battery on the other hand will send 8,000 cycles under the very same conditions


One reason which lead acid batteries don't last as anticipated is their significance of being undercharged. In case a lead acid battery is under-charged, it is going to undergo substantial harm and its life will be decreased by 80%. This is important because renewable energy resources are obviously intermittent with the outcome of these batteries being controlled at partial nations of cost. With lithium ion, you don't have to be concerned because biking lithium ion batteries in tight states of charge doesn't hurt them at all.

With lead acid batteries you frequently have to over-size your battery charge to restrict how much you release your batteries. Most lead acid battery manufacturers don't suggest that you release their batteries outside 50%. It follows your battery charge needs to be two times larger than it actually has to be. Lithium batteries permit you to utilize 100 percent of the electricity with no harm.

Boosters experience a drop in ability at reduced temperatures. This usually means that the battery charge needs to be oversize to satisfy up with the energy demands of the solar system in low temperatures. Lead acid batteries are significantly influenced by low temperatures whereas lithium ion batteries aren't.

Burn batteries have to be carefully tracked and preserved; when water levels fall too low, you need to refill them face substantial harm and risk risk. As you should track any battery you buy -- even lithium ion -- maintenance is decreased significantly with a lithium-based alternative. If you are setting up your solar program and wind up running out of space for batteries, select lithium to lower your size limits considerably.

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