Likes and followers ? essentials of your social campaign?s success

Posted by adairsawyer on July 15th, 2013

If you are on Facebook or any other social network, trying to set up an online marketing campaign, you involuntarily look for likes and followers. Getting as many of them is desirable, in a first instance, because it shows your success on the targeted niche. It shows you how people respond to your efforts and pay interest in what you have to offer. Even so, the benefits of getting engagement inside these circles are essential for some other major reasons.

First of all, let us sketch a few of the most important reasons why social media channels are so popular these days. According to many internet marketers, people who drive businesses resort to them in order to create a channel where an ambassador of their brand can be highly active and directly interact with potential customers. Moreover, they are trying to improve brand awareness, build new and solid relationships with potential partners, prospects and customers or even spy competitors and watch their online marketing tactics. Last but not least, they also use it to advertise with minimum costs a wide range of brand loyalty campaigns.

As you can easily understand, these networks are less about selling and more about making yourself popular, spreading your name, building the so much needed brand awareness. Likes and followers are important, on any social network, because they draw attention to people who may become your customers but who have not gotten in touch with you yet. Taking Facebook as an example, you must probably know that the huge social network has quite a tricky system of making your posts visible.

Even so, the power of the News Feed cannot be contested, particularly as more and more studies show us how only a very small percentage of internet users trust advertising from brands. To be more specific, specialists believe that up to 70% of people start taking a brand into account or trust it based on the recommendations received from their friends! Otherwise said, you can pay as much as you want for the dozen of Facebook Ads options. None of them should be as efficient as making people see in their News Feed how a friend liked a page or started to follow a page.

Putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes, how does it feel to see that miraculous statement: 50 of your friends like this page! This is the best publicity you can get on social networks and, take it as a vicious circle or not, the key to building yourself a reputation in the online is to constantly get likes and followers. Your name will benefit from a… written word of mouth, if we can call it like that. Likes and followers have this magnetic power of attracting new likes and new followers, hence the various forms of engagement.

Your number of likes and followers makes your business card on no matter what social network. Follow the links and find out how to get as many of them for free!

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