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Mental Health Related Queries See A 50% Spike since the Lockdown

Posted by astocare on August 7th, 2020

AstoCare Insights: Mental Health Related Queries See A 50% Spike Since The Lockdown

The Corona virus pandemic has not only affected our health but has majorly affected our lifestyle. After the lockdown, the lifestyle has been completely changed as the movement of people is restricted. With all of us living in uncertain times where nothing can be anticipated, people have detached themselves from optimism.Many have lost their jobs or are living away from their family, and the constant fear of getting infected by the virus or losing dear ones from the corona is just hyping up the anxiety and panic attacks in people.As the pandemic and isolation have prolonged over time, it was anticipated this whole worst nightmare scenario has taken a toll on the mental health of various people. With people getting lonelier day by day, many are looking forward to consulting an online therapist.According to a recent survey that was conducted by the Indian Psychiatry society, there is a 20% rise in mental illness cases. However, if we sit down to pen down the reasons for mental health issues, there can be many.

  • Students are facing anxiety and depression because exams have been canceled or are not being taken, which will affect their overall grade.
  • Many employees have lost their job, or many are fearing the uncertainty in their careers.
  • People are isolated from their loved ones and are fearing the things happening this year. These can be a few issues giving rise to mental illness among people. As people can’t pour their hearts out to the people around them, many are moving to telemedicine platforms to discuss their psychological issues. Which is kind of necessary in these uncertain times?

According To AstoCare Insights

  • There is a 50% rise in the Psychiatry queries on the AstoCare Platform.
  • Mental health has seen a considerable increase in people consulting doctors online in India. However, many people were from metro cities, but there was a significant number of people from non-metro cities.
  • Most of the queries were coming from the youth, especially from the age-group of 21-30.
  • 75% of all the mental health-related queries came from men, whereas 25% came from women.
  • After, the age group of 21-30 most of the queries came from the age group of 60 and above.
  • Most of the queries that were discussed were anxiety, stress management, loneliness, panic attacks, mood swings. For any kind of medical assistance, log in to AstoCare and book with the best medical professionals of your city instantly online. Contact for more.
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