Antique Grandfather Clock - Perfect Piece for Antique Lovers

Posted by Beauchampantiques on July 16th, 2013

Antiques provide a royal look to modern homes. A collection of antiques add value to your home while the outstanding eyeball grabbing capacity makes guest appreciate your sense of art and choice. While antiques add value to the property, there are several antiques that add utility too. Antique grandfather clock is one of this useful antique which provide a touch of ethnicity to your home, every day and every moment.  

The tall antique clock is actually the grandfather of all clocks. Not only for its tall look but its robust built that makes them a treasure for a lifetime. These antique clocks are made from high quality wood such as mahogany, walnut and oak. There are different designs available with the collectors, but it is not easy to find a good range with multiple options. The clocks are often around 8 ft long. A combination of gold and white are quite common in the dial and this gel really well with the overall appearance of the clock. The bell sound of the antique clock is nostalgic, and it seems to purify the air around you.

Quarter hour chime sequence can be found in antique grandfather clock. The usual hour strike can be heard every hour and the chimes ring every quarter hour. However, it is possible to silent the chimes sound whenever you want. You can also find clocks without the chimes and the pendulum. The unique design of the clock makes it look a piece that would stand out even in the crowd of heavy and costly furniture. There is craved ornamentation visible on the hood or bonnet that surrounds the main frame of the clock. The price of the clock varies with its design and it tends to be more when the work done in intrinsic and unique.

As already said, the antique grandfather clocks with unique design and authentic look are quite rare and even if you find one, you may be asked to pay a huge sum for the same. However, there are some websites where these Indiana antiques collection of clocks are showcased. You can choose the one you like and order for it instantly. 

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