The Illuminati in music videos and much more

Posted by johnssmith00 on July 16th, 2013

 If you are interested in seeing the reality just as it is with no embellishment, you must search online for websites where nothing is censored. You know how media functions, and that what you can see on TV and on the newspapers is only what you are allowed to see. You know who takes all these decisions. However, where are the real images, interviews, testimonials and photos? Today you can find them on the internet where smart people considered that humans’ need for the truth matters. Two topics on which people are quite interested are the short documentary movies and the Illuminati in music events videos.

You may think that you have access to short documentary movies on TV as well? Are they just as they first arrived to the media studios? Most of them aren’t especially the ones made on very delicate topics such as UFOs, Government and Law documentaries, Health and drugs movies, paranormal phenomenon movies, science and technology movies and religion and spiritual movies. As you can see, most all the short documentary movies you may see on TV can hide details of a great importance that may influence the way you see life. On these websites where people are uploading the genuine images and videos just as they are, will make you learn the naked truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be for you.

The short documentary movies presented on these websites can be seen by everyone who visit these websites, but in case you want to upload your own movies and videos, you must register yourself on these sites so you can become a real member. Like that, you can share with the entire world what you have seen and experienced. These movies are about celebrities, public figures, dug consumers testimonials, aliens, various censored speeches and lectures, secrets related to symbolism and art and even about the connection between terrorists and teachers. As you can see, the topics are quite controversial.

The second topic mentioned at the beginning of this article was the Illuminati in music events videos. You can find on these websites news about music stars, which are integrated in the Illuminati groups who may have done atrocious things or other music stars that were affected by the actions of the Illuminati followers. The Illuminati in music videos are just as they happened. Besides videos, you can also see pictures captured by mistake and never released to the press or hided by the media for obvious reasons that will be discovered once you visualize these photos and videos.

The Illuminati in music industry is not something new, considering how many important people, public figures or not join this fraternity. Everyone knows how many controversies this movement created along years. The Illuminati believers are present in this world for longer than 200 years and no matter how much the church tried to destroy them, it never succeeded. Even in these days, it is a very silent war between the church and the Illuminati followers. Nobody can explain how they became so wealthy and powerful over the years, but these videos and testimonials uploaded on these sites may help you understand better how the things really are.

In conclusion, if you want to see real and genuine short documentary movies and learn more about the Illuminati in music events, you must search for these sites.

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