FAQs of Video Resumes

Posted by jobma12 on July 17th, 2013

Q1. What is a video resume?

A video resume is a short video pitch that job seekers can pair with their text resume, thereby allowing them to create a profile that includes both their hard and soft skills in one place. Using a video resume is a great way to engage in personal branding and self-differentiate from others in the applicant pool. Because a video resume allows you to tell your story in your own words in a way not possible through a text resume, using one will allow you to become a more transparent and trustable potential employee that employers are eager to bring in for an interview. Lastly, video resumes are easy to pair with either your text resume or your cover letter by simply including the clickable link in these documents.

Q2. Where can I find video resumes?

Video resumes are incorporated into many modern job search portals. This feature allows job seekers to create, upload, and view their video resume directly within the employment website. Some sites even allow job seekers to upload multiple video resumes by purchasing a premium membership. Typically, however, job seekers are able to create and upload one video resume for free. If you are applying for several different job positions or would like to further customize your video resume, consider paying for the premium membership to have the option to upload multiple pitches.

Q3. What is the best video resume website?

Some of the top-listed video resume websites include Jobma, Talent Rooster, Vidres, RezBuzz, MyWorkster, Resumebook, WorkBlast, and Mayomann. These sites differ in their prices and features, so be sure to do some research to find the site that can best fit your unique needs.

Q4. When should I upload my video resume?

Don’t expect the first video resume you create to be perfect. Shoot several takes before uploading your video resume to make sure that you are submitting your best work. Also look at video resume blogs and articles to learn the tips and tricks of making a good video resume.

Q5. Why is a professional video resume better?

Professional video resumes can usually attain a much higher quality than video resumes made by job seekers themselves. If you are having trouble capturing good lighting or getting a decent image, consider hiring a professional to help you. Employers are not impressed by poorly created video resumes that required seemingly little effort.

Q6. Who can help me create my video resume?

Most video resume employment websites have professionals available to assist you in the creation of your video resume, text resume, and cover letter. Additionally, several of these sites have blogs that contain very useful tips and resources that can help you create the best possible video resume.

Q7. How do I upload my video resume?

Video resumes can be uploaded into the job seeker’s profile on the job search portal by following the easy-to-use instructions provided by the site. Be aware that some sites have particular requirements about the video’s length and file format.

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