Biomass Briquette Press Machine to get Bio-Fuel from Industrial Waste

Posted by radheindcorp on July 18th, 2013

From the last few decades, people are well aware for make world’s environment better. The entire world is dreadfully searching for ways to make better use of the earth’s natural resources. So, rather than use fossil fuels, use Biomass which is the best option to generate power or make a ‘White Coal’ fuel in a cleaner manner.

The process of Briquette Press helps to generate a Bio Fuel from Industrial or agriculture waste which an aid to environmental pollution as well as make money from wastage material. Biomass Briquette Machine has a large piston which carries out the task of grinding, compressing and extruding the biomass to for briquettes. These are formed in cylindrical logs of wastage raw material by compression without uses any chemical. Radhe Industrial Corporation is a well established as a leading manufacturers and suppliers for Biomass press Machine plus Briquettes which are made through these Briquetting Machines across the world since last 14 years. These machines are basically used to deal with waste material excreted by many industries after the process of product manufacturing has been completed. Let’s see some of the major advantages to plant or make use of Briquette Press Machine.

  • High profitability on investment
  • Maintenance of ecological balance & Conversion of natural resources.
  • Capable of providing higher boiler efficiency due to high density and low moisture
  • Easy to pack, store and extremely hygienic to manage
  • People can earn money by selling agro waste of every crop & are thus renewable.
  • NO pollution as it does not release phosphorous and Sulphur vapors

Radhe Industrial Corporation has been a pioneer in manufacturing of Biomass Briquette Press. Our key products are Jumbo-90 Briquetting Press, SUPER -70Briquetting Press, Dryer, Cutter and Hammer Mill. It has done successful installation and operation of over 700 briquetting plants and Biomass Briquette Machine. Here are the basic steps for process of Briquette Press Machine

  • Material like Saw Dust, Ground Nut Shells and Castor Seed Shells up to 25mm size Or crushing raw material having size above 25 mm through cutter then supplied to screw conveyor.
  • Hammer Mills are used to make powder form of Agricultural and Forestry waste, which chops the biomass into granular size which is passed through a screening area.
  • For Biomass Briquette Press, Materials with more than 10-12% moisture content need to be dried in Dryer
  • Material from conveyor is discharged and put in the feeder box is compressed by the press, fitted in the Die Holder.
  • The Compression raises the temperature of material which results in softening of the lignin, inherent in every Biomass. This lignin comes to the surface and binds the materials together.
  • Briquettes formed are in the shape of logs which are pushed through cooling tracks.
  • Finished products are broken & packed in bags or stored in bulk for dispatch.

We offer you a superior quality product which is made up with finest quality material sourced from the trusted vendors to make you an efficient use of Bio Fuel with very reliable cost. If you are having any type of agro-forestry Waste, just write to us we will guide you completely in installing a plant at your premises.

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