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Posted by adairsawyer on July 19th, 2013

For millions of people with vision problems, the surrounding world could be very blurry. For people who need vision correction, but do not want to wear glasses, contact lenses offer an easy solution, virtually invisible. Whether you opt for contact lenses with diopters or just for aesthetic purposes, to change the color of the iris, lenses are prescribed by your ophthalmologist, following a consultation. So, before you buy contact lenses, ask for a specialized opinion regarding the type of lenses or the brand that would best fit you. The doctor could recommend, for example, Acuvue contact lenses, as they could suit any needs a patient could have.

Out of those who choose to wear contact lenses, not everybody wears them for vision correction. Celebrities use contact lenses to change their eye color; athletes use them because they provide freedom of movement and maximum visual acuity in the field; others use them as accessories for a new look or for a theme party (for example on Halloween, to make the costumes more realistic).

Contact lenses are soft transparent discs that are stuck on the cornea. As well as prescription glasses, lenses correct refractive errors (such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia). Optical correction is performed in any direction of gaze, the lens moving along with the eyeball. You can choose lenses suitable for almost any defect of sight, which is a considerable advantage if the idea of wearing glasses is not within your aesthetic concept.

If properly used and maintained, the lenses can be really comfortable, and the people around you will not even guess that you have troubles with your sight. Thanks to advanced materials, soft lenses are hydrophilic and allow optimal oxygen transmissibility at the level of the eye. Thus, with every blink, the lens is hydrated and it maintains the eyes healthy, giving them a feeling of naturalness and comfort throughout the day.

Contact lenses can be used for daily wear, but also for extended wear (day and night), so you do not need to worry if you forget to take them off in the evening before bedtime. For extended wear, you just have to make sure you have a prescription in that respect and that you choose appropriate lenses before you buy contact lenses.

There are several types of soft Acuvue contact lenses: day wear lenses (they are removed from the eyes before going to bed); extended wear lenses (they can be worn for several days without being removed at night before bedtime); disposable lenses (they are replaced with new ones after each wearing) or cosmetic colored lenses (these lenses change the eye color or shade for clearer view).

And because any purchase of contact lenses, including cosmetic ones, requires the use of cleaning and maintenance solutions, you need to make sure you choose the right solution for your contact lenses. The solutions are designed for cleaning, storage and hydration of all soft, silicone and hydrogel contact lenses. A high quality solution significantly increases the comfort in wearing contact lenses. Not only the eyes will be safer and healthier, but also the contact lenses are more comfortable to wear!

Acuvue contact lenses provide a comfortable feeling for any wearer. People who choose to buy contact lenses can do it online, as there is a great number of online stores selling them.

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