Driving lessons Bolton to help you clear the driving test

Posted by sophiamilller on July 19th, 2013

Driving is a pleasure that most of us like to soak in. However, the prerequisite to experiencing this pleasure is that you get a driving licence. No one wants to get caught without a licence because the penalties are severe. And think about it – if the government didn’t make it mandatory for all drivers to have a licence the lives of so many people on the road would be endangered. But getting a licence is not easy and driving lessons Bolton are absolutely mandatory for making this process easier. A professional driving instructor Bolton will cover all aspects of driving that will ensure that one doesn’t fail the driving test again and again.

It is said that passing the driving test in the UK is a life changing experience. It is actually difficult to get a licence because the government makes it mighty difficult. You cannot blame the government though. Only those that are eligible should be given the licence and this is what these test aims at.

Some people don’t bother about any driving lessons Bolton when they decide to apply for a licence. They are fairly confident that they can manage the show and some of them actually do. But what if someone fails and there are plenty that fail the test. They would need to wait a while before they are allowed to sit for the next test and again there is no certainty that they would clear the test. When a professional driving instructor Bolton helps someone with the driving lessons they not just cover the various aspects of driving but also the other aspects of appearing in the licence test and clearing it.

A licence test consists of theoretical and practical tests. There are first those 50 multiple choice type questions that need to be answered within 57 minutes. One has to get 43 of these questions right. This is followed by the hazard perception test where 15 developing hazards are shown through 14 videos. The maximum possible marks are 75 and one has to score 44 at least.

After this the practical test has to be cleared. This test consists of an eyesight test, two questions on vehicle safety and a drive for about 40 minutes. During this drive the driver has to show that they know how to drive safely and that they are aware of the Highway Code.

In this test experience always matters and we are not talking about experience because someone has failed the test multiple times. Experience is got from a professional driving instructor Bolton because they cover all the aspects of these tests. And the driving experience is got through the driving lessons Bolton where the instructor teaches someone how to drive and maintain the rules and codes.

If you want to clear your driving test the first time driving lessons Bolton are worth investing in. Do some research and find out about the best driving schools in Bolton. Ask around for the best driving instructor Bolton and which school they are associated with.

A driving instructor Bolton can help you clear your driving test. During driving lessons Bolton you will get to know about all the aspects of driving and then clearing the test.

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