The African art is the representation of the live and beliefs of the African peo

Posted by CesarMuler on July 20th, 2013

Art represents one of the most beautiful and interesting creation of a human being, because it implies lots of feeling, emotions and a part of the artist's personality. A piece of art is widely appreciated by anyone who knows what beauty is and who has respect for a certain culture or civilization, and also for the hard work that any good artist put in each and every piece of his creativity. The European, Asian, American and African designs are different because of the specific features of each of them. The African design and the African art, for example, are highly appreciated by the African people and by those who are truly interested in the African culture and in learning more about it, from various sources.

It is well-known that each and every culture has its specific and authentic features, which make it different from the others and different in the eyes of art lovers. The African design and art are known by the people who live on the continent and by those who were interested in enlarging their horizons and learning about other cultures than their own. However, most of the people all over the world know about the traditional masks made by great artists from Africa, because these pieced of art represent a small part of their way of living, their beliefs and habits, which cannot be copied or fully understood by other peoples from other continents.

The African art is a delight to the human eyes, because it has been well preserved over the years and the African artists have discovered how to maintain the interest of their admirers, by keeping up with the times, but also by combining their modern views with the traditional ones. The works of these artists can be seen in museums, most of all, but because of the fact that the Internet is more and more used every day, some people have thought that it is time to present these pieces of art to every person on the Earth who is willing to see the beauty of this kind of art.

In November 2013, a great project that sustains the African design and the African art will launch for all the art lovers all over the world who is interested in seeing some vintage or modern pieces of art created by great African artists. This project is an E-store, which is called Karibu-store, and which has as the main purpose, the promotion of the quality art of Africa, to all of the people who want to see some of the characteristics of the African people, along with their ways of representing their emotions and feelings.

To sum up, the African design and the African art, especially the contemporary ones, are of a great interest nowadays for the art lovers all over the world. This is the main reason why Karibu-store wants to bring closer the beauty of this type of art, to all of those who want to delight their eyes with amazing creations.

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