Ideas.Three steps to follow.

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

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A large income is a result of ideas?ideas put into action. Ideas are the spark plugs of success. Industries, fortunes, even empires have been built on ideas. Everything you buy is the projection of an idea. No one can belittle the value of good constructive ideas but curiously, only a few people have any faith in the value of their ideas. ?If that idea was any good, someone else would have thought of it.? You hear over and over again and in many cases the idea will form the basis of an outstanding success----by someone else.

Every patent in UK and USA is the result of an idea. A large percent of them are the brainchild of just plain folks like you and me.

Ideas can be referred to as crystallised thoughts or thoughts that have taken form, a foundation on which to build. Everywhere you look you see ideas, which have become realities. Every business is built on idea. The clothes you wear, the house in which you live, the car you drive all resulted from ideas.

You can struggle all your life without making much progress, when suddenly a single idea can lift you out of obscurity into the limelight of success and happiness. There is no age limit to those who may develop ideas of value. Many people in their sixties, seventies, and even beyond, have perfected ideas which have enabled them to make progress in a limited time than they had made throughout all of their previous years.

Three Steps to follow.

The following three steps will show you how to condition your Subconscious Mind so that it will bring forth ideas at will, ideas to assist you in any direction in which you wish to travel, ideas that will help you prove that you can be a lot better than you thought you were. Great achievers past and present have used this technique to reach their goal.

Step 1. You must give clear instructions to your Subconscious Mind. In order to have a fertile mind capable of creating new and important ideas, you must see yourself with that type of mind. Make positive declarations regarding your idea-producing mind.

?My mind is alert and active, continually bringing into consciousness a flow of constructive ideas of value.?

Whenever you do anything of a creative nature, precede your action with the suggestion just given or something similar. Notice how your ideas will flow. If you are writing a letter, a newspaper item, or a book, you will not be at a loss for words if you follow this routine. The best time to do this is just before you fall asleep. Your Subconscious Mind is more likely at alpha-theta brainwave stage. Give your instructions clearly and overnight your Subconscious Mind ?will sleep on it?. The next morning at breakfast, you will be amazed how many good and constructive ideas force their way into your Conscious Mind. While you are asleep, your Subconscious Mind is working on these ideas. If for example you have a problem and you cannot see a solution, before you retire, ask your Subconscious Mind for a solution.

Step 2. The purpose of this step is to develop within your mind an idea consciousness. Develop a curious mind. You are always alert for ideas as to how things can be improved. With that curious mind of yours, you will forever ask yourself the question, ?What can I do to improve this or make it better?? If you are considering improving things at work, ask yourself, ?How can I do it better or faster?? Ideas will come forward, which will reward you handsomely.

Step 3. An idea becomes something tangible the moment you do something about it. An idea is most intense at its birth. Preserve it before it begins to fade. Start an idea file. Each time an idea comes into consciousness, write it down, unless you are in a position to work on it immediately. Write down everything that comes into your mind regarding that idea. The very act of describing the idea in writing prevents it from fading. If the idea can be pictured and you are adept with a pencil, make a sketch of it. Remember, the more you do in connection with the idea, the bigger it grows. Review your ideas frequently to keep them in the forefront of your mind. If you gain additional ideas pertaining to those already in your file, bring it up to date by adding the new thoughts.

?A man may plod along for years without showing any signs of accomplishment?when sometime?unexpectedly?a powerful thought will seep into his consciousness?and a leader is born.? Ben Sweetland.

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