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Having trouble with your internet connection?

Posted by seniyojons on August 10th, 2020

Having trouble with your internet connection?

Trouble with your internet connection

Internet has now a day’s become a necessity, so in that case it is very important to get a high speed internet the entire time do able to finish work. At times it does not work and there can be various reasons for low internet connection that can occur due to server error or any other issue. So if in case your internet is not catching signals then you might need solutions to fix. Follow the below steps in order to fix the internet connection working

How to fix Suddenlink internet not getting speed?

Follow the below steps in order to fix the internet connection

  • Reset the modem and router- user will need to restart the modem then release the modem by dragging the power cable. Also tune off the router then hold on for few seconds before tuning it on again. When it will be properly switched on connects it and also checks internet connection.
  • Remove coaxial cable- Unplug the coaxial cable from the modem by plugging it. Clean the coaxial connection that will is situated at the back of the modem. Also check if there is any harm in the coaxial cable copper wire.
  • Replace Ethernet cable- at times internet cable does not work, check by using any other internet cable. If still it does not work then the user need to replace the internet cable.

 These were ways through which user can fix the internet, in case if does not catch speed, if any more information is needed then contact the  Internet Tech Supporand ask all the queries they will help you in all way.

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