Things to Consider when Applying for Spouse Visa

Posted by adairsawyer on July 21st, 2013

Have you been looking for a way to take your beloved to Australia? If so, spouse visa is the perfect one for you. It will allow you and your partner to stay in Australia catering to your relationship status. Whether you wish to take your husband, wife or de facto partner to Australia, with the help of the lawyer’s guidance, you can secure the visa fast. The registered migration lawyers can deal with the procedure involved in the same and ensure to come up with success. Apart from this, if you are temporarily employed in Australia and even then want to bring any of your family members, holding 457 visa is the perfect solution for such a situation. Varied matters are taken into account before sanctioning a visa in Australia, especially when it for your spouse. Even though, the lawyers are there to provide their services, yet there are a few strict regulations the applicant needs to follow. Remember, it is up to the immigration department whether they will decline or accept the visa application.

•             Someone who is married and is employed in Australia has the legal right to stay along with his wife, until they are able to meet the requirements of the immigration department concerning the application for the permit to live in the country. The documents must be attached to the application are those should be verified by the officials of the same department. Someone who is involved in a de facto relationship can also apply for spouse visa. Even though, the 457 visa is valid for those who holds temporary job in this country, it also have some similar provision as well.

•             The couple should be in a situation to show the marriage certificate, in order to prove that they are officially married. Some other documents, which are legally approved, can also be produced to prove that the existing relationship between the couple. Strict regulations are imposed so that o the fake entities get to enter Australia.

•             In order to receive spouse visa, the partner will have to undergo medical check-up in a healthcare center, which is designated by Australian government. Make sure that the result is stapled with the application. Whether you are applying visa for your partner or 457 visa, the partner should conduct AIDS and HIV test before he/she is permitted to enter in Australia. There are actually some set health standards in Australia that must be maintained by the people.

•             Another essential consideration that should be taken into account while applying for the permit is that the person working in Australia must prove that he is capable of supporting his/her partner. Hence, it is important to show the same by showing the income of the individual. The salary slip must be attached to the spouse visa application.

If the person’s visa happens to expire while working in this country, the partner will also be deported. Whether it is 457 visa or any other, it is essential to follow all the conditions that have been put forth by the immigration department.

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