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What Is PSTN Audio Conferencing? (No Internet Conferencing)

Posted by soujanya on August 10th, 2020

Food, clothing, and shelter- those are our basic necessities. At least they were. Today, it’s the Internet over everything else. It’s hard to imagine ordering food, booking movie tickets, flight tickets, paying bills without the Internet. Heck, we now use the Internet to meet that someone special. In such a scenario, is it possible to have a conference without a mobile app? PSTN audio conferencing – has anyone even heard of it? What if you found out that PSTN was the first step we took in the world of conferencing and that it can still be used to our advantage in business? You’ll know more as you read on. 

What is audio conferencing? 

Simply put, it is an audio call between more than two people at the same time. and Our service providers offer to the conference too.

What is PSTN conferencing?—the traditional one 

Businesses, back in the day, also got on regular conference calls. However, they made PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) audio conference calls. That meant no Internet, no mobile app. If you remember correctly, the mobile phone is a very recent invention. Moreover, smartphones are even newer in the market. 

What if there was a simpler way to a conference that combined the best of mobile-based conference calling and PSTN? 

The answer is grptalk 

What is grptalk?

grptalk is an audio conferencing application through which you can make conference calls to other mobile devices and landlines also. The application is quick, hassle-free and very convenient. It does not require an active Internet connection, because it uses PSTN to connect to conferences (yes, PSTN rocks!).  As a result, it can be used without installing the app. It is a dial-out based conference calling app, so it does not need you to dial-into complex bridge numbers. 



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