Is there anything left free out there on the internet?

Posted by AmandaTom on July 24th, 2013

As much as people love free rewards, free prizes, freebies and anything else related, they also tend to become suspicious when facing these opportunities. On the grounds that things you do not work for are hard to get, they tend to ask themselves if there is anything left 100% free over the internet – and we are not talking about access on information – but physical or virtual goods that make you feel good!

Surprisingly or not, the answer to the previous question is a big Yes. In fact, you may be puzzled to notice, after a short Google search, how many websites try to attract customers with this magical word. On a closer look however, you may discover that there are two types of freebies: websites with any retail theme that develop loyalty campaigns every now and then and websites that are exclusively focused on such freebies.

Those with loyalty campaigns are not necessarily our field of interest – they come and go, they require you to do who knows what things or to buy products before you get your present. The ultimate resource that anyone with a little spare time and an internet connected computer should search is a dedicated platform.

One of the most interesting strategies that these platforms resort to is the referral link that you have to promote in order to access points, bonuses, free rewards, free prizes and even free gift cards! Do not worry, this promotion is about doing nothing – you just display the link on your blog, on your accounts, on your social network profile status and so on. If friends curious about this opportunity will click it, you are good to get new points.

Such websites earn their revenues mostly from the ads that they display on the platform. For them to charge decent advertising prices, it takes a high and constant traffic. The bigger the traffic, the higher the exposure of the ads, hence the revenues. By joining the community and making other people click on your dedicated referral link, you contribute to the website’s traffic. In this way, they afford to keep the business free for you and you get to enjoy plenty of catchy bonuses!

Because of the wide range of websites specialized in rewards given in exchange of promotion, it would be quite a pity not to take advantage of them! If you are ambitious enough, you can spend some time for doing a little research: which are the major players in the field, which are their offerings, which is their reward system and, most important, how do they score you on different levels of implications.

Some may provide greater bonuses for smaller or bigger promotion tasks. Finding the one that gives you the most valuable freebies for the smallest amount of work – which is the ideal combo – should be your top goal. Now that you know there are many gifts waiting for you out there, you just need to grab your hand or mouse click on them. It really is piece of cake!

Come claim your free rewards and free prizes without doing anything! With us, it really is possible!

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