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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App ?

Posted by mitchelhenry on August 11th, 2020

Mobile apps are taking the market. According to a recent study, The total revenues in the App Store reached billion last year, while developers earned over billion on app sales. The cost of developing an app for iPhone, Android, Windows cannot be defined into a single number.

The decent application requires at least 5-6 weeks to develop and publish with all the back-end as well as front-end processes in place. It needs to be noted that the time and cost of a mobile application development are correlated.

Factors that Affects App Development Cost :

These are the primary factors included in developing cost of mobile app.

What Kind Of App?

Finding the cost of app without knowing the details is not possible.

1. Navite App : These kind of app is written in programming language for which platform it is designed. For e.g. iOS is is written is Swift and for andorid it's written in Java.  It has been identified that the apps built on native platforms provide the best user experience. But, the pricing for updating the native apps and keep it functional across different platforms is quite high.

2. Hybrid App : These apps run on both platforms - iOS & Android, but it can be problematic to design. Hybrid apps are a great alternate to the native apps due to their cost effectiveness. Hybrid apps can be developed at a faster pace across different platforms.  who have a great experience in same field.

3. Web Apps : Web App can run through the browser and easy to install. Web app development cost is reasonable while showing high quality results.

What Kind of Functionality?

Basic : The functionality includes a single three to four screen app and don't store data.

Complex : If your app needs to store data at user end or system end then you have to choose this category.

Multi-Featured : If you need several features included in app tailored to user's needs then your app comes in this category. The time and cost depends on the scope of the project.

Additional Features :

The cost of building an app may vary by adding these features. Here are some examples of features.

Social Login : Login with Facebook, Twitter, or Google. It is very important from the marketing point of view.

Email Login : This is the effective way to collect email address so you can use this in marketing as well.

User Dashboard : If you want to allow your user to create their own profile.

Sync Data : In case you user want to keep their data on mobile as well as PC.

What is the level of Designing?

One of the major factors that lead to the success of a mobile app is the designing. If the design of the app appeals to your target audience, the retention rate will improve at a significant rate.

The cost of the app also increases with the level of complexity involved in the designing and the project scope. To be dynamic and appealing, the app needs widgets, tabs, graphics and many more features. With each element being added, the graph of pricing sees a hike. If an average estimate has to be done with a decent range of elements in the app and significant functionality then the cost may vary between 00 to 000.

Another part of the app design is the wireframing which includes the basic structure and layout of the screen. As the number of features increases, the time required to build the app also increases along with the cost.

Who Will Build the app?

You have several options available to whom you will build an app. It includes offshore development team, freelancer or technical co-founder. Don't let price drive you, it can be a big mistake. Hire a programmer who is really interested in your project.

All have some positive and negatives. Ask for their portfolio, look at their reviews, awards. Discuss with their past clients and meet the team. Don't just go with first developer, meet 2-3 and decide.

Whether It Requires Third Party Integration :

If you want to enable certain features, then the app requires third party integration. Either the integration can increase or decrease the development cost of the app. If there are services that provide infrastructure to build apps with a number of features, then the third party integration services can be done on a subscription basis. With the kind of usage, the costing varies.

The Stages Involved In Mobile App Development :

The costing of the app also depends on the stages involved in the overall process. Generally, an app goes through the following stages.

  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • App Expansion
  • Marketing

It is advised that one should at least involve the stages till maintenance to keep things in a flow.

So, depending on the above-mentioned factors your cost of app development will vary. If you consider an app with a replica of an already existing app in a particular niche with minute changes then the overall development cost is quite low. But, it might not be feasible for your business as it has nothing new to offer and the marketing might require more efforts to make a distinct name. If every parameter is on an average scale on the  app cost calculator, then the total app development cost might fall between 00 and 00.

So, if you are looking to get an effective and smart application for your business then contact the expert team of LogicSpice. Our proficient developers not only provide optimal solutions to your requirements, they also help you in providing right direction to drive business. Our business relations are not just limited to delivering the solution, it lasts after that to provide the best possible assistance. Don’t believe us,  from us and get benefited.

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