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A list of reasons to fall in love with Saxophone (music instrument)

Posted by saxboislick4 on August 11th, 2020

Saxophone is perhaps one of the sexiest instruments of all time. The Sax-sound is simply breath-taking. It makes you groove and can potentially give you a toe-curling experience. We have already seen how some Sax-albums make for some of the most powerful albums in the history of good music. In this article we shall look at the idea of playing Sax or learning to play Sax from a more objective point of view. We shall see what makes it so interesting and so powerful.

Expression of creativity:

There is little denying the fact that Saxophones are the most recognized jazz instrument. However, to assume that Jazz is the only music genre in which Saxophones have been featured is a gross under-estimation. It becomes extremely important that you realize this. Some of the other genres where saxophones are featured in the contemporary scene are Classical, contemporary, marching bands, even in EDMs and psychedelics. What does this mean? It clearly means that saxophone is a very versatile instrument. It also means that it can cater to any creative taste (in the realm of music. If you play on any instrument, it is a testimony to the expansion of your creative taste. Now if the instrument has as dynamic and wide a range as saxophone, it is only going to allow you to expand your creative dimensions even further by allowing you to jump from one genre to another, thus enabling you to explore more options and variety.

There is a saxophone to suit all:

There are different types of Saxophones actually; 9 types to be precise. There are 4 amongst them which are very popular, and these are the Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone saxes. The Soprano one is the smallest one amongst the 4 and it has the highest pitch. The baritone one is the biggest amongst and it has the lowest pitch. So based on your taste (that is whether you play melody or whether you play baseline parts), you can find a sax that suits you and your requirement.

Music can enhance your comprehensive and academic skills:

Learning an instrument can prove to be beneficial academically. This is scientifically proven. Learning an instrument can enable you to improve academically, particularly in the area of math. When you learn an instrument or learn to play an instrument, you can improve your aural skills, you will be able to distinguish between different sounds and it can also help in the development of your linguistic faculties. Moreover, music can also enhance one’s abstract reasoning skills which includes identifying logical patterns, which is essential for excelling in subjects like mathematics and science.

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