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How to Fix BitDefender Error 1011 in Windows 10 and 7?

Posted by more555george on August 11th, 2020

Bitdefender error 1011 is a common error which is reported by many Bitdefender users. Bitdefender antivirus provides reliable service to its users but this is a runtime error that occurs due to various reasons. Once you get the cause of Bitdefender error 1011 then you can easily troubleshoot the error. You can also ask the Bitdefender support team for help.

Common symptoms of Bitdefender Error 1011:

  1. Installation process interrupts and Bitdefender error 1011 appears on the screen

  2. Your screen freezes and an error message appears 

  3. Bitdefender crashing Windows 7

  4. You are getting Bitdefender error 1011 error message whenever you are running a program

  5. An error message appears while shutting down the Window

Common causes of Bitdefender Error 1011:

  1. You are installing an incomplete Bitdefender setup

  2. You have deleted Bitdefender program files mistakenly

  3. Another antivirus program is conflicting with Bitdefender antivirus

  4. Any third-party program is conflicting with Bitdefender

  5. Your device is running on outdated OS

  6. PC driver gets corrupted

  7. Your Windows registry files get corrupted

Methods for troubleshooting Bitdefender error 1011:

Check your Bitdefender setup and device specifications

If you get the error while installing Bitdefender antivirus then you should check for the Bitdefender installer. If you have an incomplete setup file then you will get Bitdefender error 1002 while installing Bitdefender antivirus. Go to the download link and download the Bitdefender setup again. Now try to install Bitdefender on your device. If you are trying to install an incompatible Bitdefender plan on your device then also you will get this kind of error. Check the Bitdefender install and device specification for proper Bitdefender installation. If you are still facing the same Bitdefender error then you should ask the Bitdefender technical team for help.

Remove all the junk files from your device

If you are getting the error while scanning then you should remove all the junk files from your PC. Temporary files get created whenever you work on your device. These files hold the data temporarily. After completing the job, you should remove the temporary files from your device. These files not only accumulate the free disk space on your system but can also conflict with your programs. When you get the error, remove the temporary files from the PC. Delete all the other junk from the system. You can run the Windows disk cleanup tool for removing the junk from your PC. Follow the given steps for removing the system junk:

  1. Close all running programs 

  2. Tap the Windows button

  3. Type command on the search bar

  4. Hold Shift and Ctrl buttons from the keyboard

  5. Press the Enter button

  6. A permission window will appear

  7. Click on Yes option

  8. A black screen with a blinking cursor (command screen) will appear

  9. Type cleanmgr and press Enter button

Windows Disk Cleanup tool will start calculating all the junk files accumulated on your device. Wait for some time and you will get a list of checkboxes on your screen. Check the boxes of items you want to remove from your device. Don’t forget to check the temporary files option. Now click on the OK button. All the files will get removed from your PC. Restart your computer and try scanning the PC. If you are still facing Bitdefender error 1011 then ask the Bitdefender team for help.

Reinstall Bitdefender antivirus

If you have deleted Bitdefender program files or your program files get corrupted due to any changes on your device then reinstalling Bitdefender antivirus will troubleshoot your error. Remove the existing setup and then install a fresh Bitdefender setup. Restart your device and click on the Bitdefender icon from your desktop. If your Bitdefender antivirus is still showing you errors then you should ask the Bitdefender technical team for help.

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