How to fend off obscene callers with reverse lookup directory searches

Posted by SharonEvans on July 26th, 2013

Rare are those people who haven’t had to deal with obscene phone calls at one time or another. While the more threatening variety of harassing phone calls is more prevalent in the urban environment, obscene calls exist everywhere. While getting obscene calls from someone you may or may not know can be downright revolting, repulsive and even a little scary if you’re a single woman, you’re better off doing some research of your own by visiting either a free reverse phone lookup directory or a paid reverse lookup phone service in order to find out a bit more about your caller before filing an official complaint. Keep reading to find out why it’s better to make use of a free, user-submitted reverse phone lookup directory than it is to use a paid reverse lookup phone service in order to find the information you need, and see how it can help you.

If you’re a single female in her 20s and you start to get obscene or harassing phone calls, your antennas go up to full alert. There are a lot of crazy people in this world, and you never know what you might do to attract a negative type of attention from one of them. This being said, you mustn’t overreact and jump to any conclusions which aren’t warranted by the facts of the matter. Can you see your caller’s number or is it hidden? If you can see your caller’s number, then you can do a reverse lookup using either a free reverse phone lookup directory search or a paid reverse lookup phone service in order to find out the caller’s name. If this is a case of 14-year-old boys with nothing better to do than make silly phone calls, then you know not to worry. You can have a nice chat with their parents about their behavior and call it a day.

If, on the other hand, the calls are coming from a restricted or unknown phone number, and if they’re escalating or becoming increasingly threatening, it’s time to move past the idea of using a reverse phone lookup service or directory and call in the big guns—the police and your phone company. Take down the time of every call, and if you can show evidence for multiple harassing calls being made within the space of a few days you can get the authorities involved.

If you don’t want to go the official route, there are several different strategies you can try to use in order to discourage your caller. Finding the right method for you will depend on the determination and the personality of your anonymous caller. You could hang up on him and not engage in conversation. Most people who make obscene calls are just looking for attention, so expressing anger or shock might just be giving them what they want.

See why you’re better off using a free online reverse phone lookup directory rather than using a paid reverse lookup phone service to get more information about the person making harassing phone calls and to help stop them.

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