How to choose Akoya pearls Necklaces Wisely? Some Basic Tips

Posted by Lagunapearl on July 29th, 2013

Akoya pearls are known for their rich luster and shine. They are an ideal choice of pearls for designing the jewelry for a wedding. With their white color, they perfectly complement the bride in her white wedding gown. It plays a major role in boosting the new bride’s self-confidence and helping her dress up in style.

How are they cultured?
These pearls are cultured in the Akoya oyster and are salt water pearls cultivated in the seas of Japan and China. The seas of Japan and China have more suitable climatic conditions for culturing these lustrous Akoya pearls.

Some basic properties of these Akoya pearls that make them unique and different from other pearls: -

1- These pearls are known for their bright luster and are available in white or cream color with overtone of rose, pink, or silver.

2- They are available in small sizes, ranging from 2-11 mm. This is because they are cultured in the Akoya oyster which is smallest of all the pearl producing oysters.

3- They are mostly available in round shape.

4- Based on the six value factors: nacre, luster, shape, surface quality, color, and pearl matching, these pearls are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) using letters.

5- The grading of Akoya pearls is as follows: -

  • AAA grade: - These pearls are virtually flawless. There surface perfection is up to 95%, and they possess a mirror like luster. They are available in perfect round shapes without and surface illusions or defects. They have a nacre thickness of 0.4 mm or more.
  • AA grade: - They have a surface perfectly of 75%. They have thick nacre and also possess a high luster. In comparison to the AAA grading, AA is a lower quality.
  • A grade: - They are the pearls with the lowest grade. These pearls have more than 25% of surface irregularities and have less nacre thickness (usually 0.25mm or less). These pearls are usually mounted on a jewelry set to hide the defects.

One must choose the Akoya pearls on the basis of the above set properties and grading. While buying Akoya pearls, ensure that you are paying the right price on the basis of the grading. Grading symbolizes the purity and surface luster of the Akoya pearls and should play a significant role in helping to decide which pearls to buy.

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