Water filter housings and John Guest fittings make ideal accessories for filtrat

Posted by AmandaTom on July 29th, 2013

It is not enough to have a water filtering system at your home. You need other accessories that help you store water and also maintain your water filter. For storing filtered water there are water filter housings available in various shapes and sizes. And if you want the best connectors for your filtering system then nothing can beat John Guest fittings.

There is not much to explain about water filter housings. These storage items are required to store filtered water. There are many people that have whole house filtering systems installed. In their cases filtered water flows out through all the taps and faucets in the household. But there are many people that use smaller filters or filters in specific parts of the house, kitchen being the primary part. With a properly chosen water filter housing it is easier to store water that can be used as and when it is required.

When it comes to filtered water one obviously thinks about safety. When someone has to buy water filter housings they should look at the safety aspect of using housing. The top manufacturers of these items ensure that the materials used in these housings are of food level quality. This means they can be used for storing drinking water.

When you think about it filtered water has to be kept in purified format throughout. You invest in a top class filtering system but then let the water flow through a dirty pipe or use vessels that are not 100% clean – it simply doesn’t make sense. Hence, when you have a proper filtering system at home you should never compromise on the quality of water filter housings.

John Guest fittings are so popular throughout the country because of the convenience they offer. Fittings are required throughout a filtering system. There are various connectors that are used throughout the system. There could be one connector that connects the main filter with the storage tank. Then there are other connectors that connect the storage tank to the various outlets. You not only require a number of connectors but need them in various shapes too.

John Guest fittings are available in every imaginable forms. There are bulkhead unions and check valves; there are cross connectors and faucet connectors; there are female and male connectors; there are flow bend clips and locking clips and there are bell valves and other types of valves. All these connectors perform separate functions and you can easily choose what you want.

John Guest fittings are popular in connectors because of the convenience the products offer. The items from John Guest are extremely easy to install and you don’t need spanners and hammers and other paraphernalia. You choose the right connector and it can be fitted in using your bare hands.

Water filter housings and John Guest fittings enhance the functionality of your water purifier system. You get the right pieces installed and your water filter will perform exactly how you want it to perform. And the investment is rather manageable.

To enhance the performance of your filtration system buy the right water filter housings and John Guest fittings.

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