Cs101 paper

Posted by aminjan35 on July 30th, 2013

CS101 Current Paper.........!!!
Total MCQs =40 (Marks 40)

Q NO 41:

Why Local variable is preferred over Global variable? (Marks 2)

Q NO 42:

What is intelligent system? (Mark 2)

Q NO 43:

What is structured vector Graphic? (Mark 2)

Q NO 44:

Describe “Java script variable are Dynamic typed” (Mark 2)

Q NO 45:

What is Trojan horse? (Mark 3)
Q NO 46:

Briefly describe Holographic Storage? (Mark 3)

Q NO 47:

How can you define instruction decoder? (Mark 3)

Q NO 48:

What is different between Internet and Intranet? (Mark 3)

Q NO 49:

What are the main responsibilities that Kernel plays in operating system? (Mark 5)

Q NO 50:

Mention any five application of Artificial Intelligent system? (Mark 5)

Q NO 51:

What is the dilemma of computing? (Mark 5)

Q NO 52:

How many ways are there to call a function in a programme? Explain with example. (Mark 5)

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