Solar energy facts: The green energy with us

Posted by johnssmith00 on July 30th, 2013

If we go through ancient sacred literatures we would find that almost all of them pray the Sun as God. People have worshipped sun for ages. It is the very source of our existence. The energy of sun or the solar energy has been harnessed in numerous ways with the help of technological advancements. With fast depletion of fossil fuels it has become extremely important for us to know some major solar energy facts and advantages of solar energy in order to utilize it in a better way. It would benefit us in more ways than one. It would take us to a greener world.

There are certain parts of the world that receive sunshine over two hundred days in a year. Many of the developing countries have abundant sources of renewable energies including solar energy. These countries have taken strong measures to utilize advantages of solar energy and they point towards the basic solar energy facts that can lead us to adopt the necessary measures. World Bank recently initiated a program to help developing countries map their potential for renewable energy and procure an area-specific database so that these countries can explore newer methods to harness renewable energy.

Solar energy facts that we should remember first is it is absolutely free. If we make the initial arrangements for setting up the system it generates power without any overhead cost. With the entire world trying hard to cope with the rising oil prices isn’t it a cause to celebrate? There are several other advantages of solar energy too. For example, production of solar energy is completely free of pollution. If you consider any other conventional processes of energy production you can quickly see the pollutants they generate or the damage they cause to the nature and environment. Solar energy is free of this menace.

Earlier we used to consider solar energy to be green but not sustainable because of the huge initial cost involved. But, because of technological advancements the infrastructure cost has come down and people are seriously considering Solar energy facts as an alternative to conventional methods of power generation. Other advantages of solar energy include maintenance-free set up and once you set up a solar energy system, you may not require any additional or recurring costs towards maintenance. Most of the systems have a life span of not less than thirty to forty years.

There are vendors that offer a warranty of over twenty years for a solar energy system. Unlike traditional, huge solar panel systems present day systems are quite sleek and easy to install. Advantages of solar energy panels of these newer generations are their simple design and they can be placed directly on your roof just like any other roofing materials. There are smaller module-based solar panels available these days which help you in installing such systems in specific areas. For example, you may consider converting the outdoor lighting system of your house to solar-based systems without changing other system set ups. Other solar energy facts like complete elimination of any additional storage system for such advanced solar panels would surely instigate you to check solar energy options more critically. Isn’t it?

Common solar energy facts and the advantages of solar energy are driving people to opt for solar energy more openly.

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