Uses of solar energy

Posted by johnssmith00 on July 30th, 2013

Uses of solar energy are many—practically all appliances that use electricity can be driven by solar power. Starting from a tiny calculator to a lighting system, everything can run on solar power. The most common household electrical appliances that can be used with solar power are water heaters, heating arrangements for pools, outside lighting systems, emergency lighting equipments etc. In many places people are using something called a hybrid model where solar powers and conventionally sourced power work side by side. During daytime the power generation system is supported by solar power and after the sundown it transforms to the conventional grid. During the day, the conventional grid can be supported with solar power as well. Along with the uses we must also learn about definition of solar energy so that we understand the system better.

Definition of solar energy must start with our understanding of solar energy basics. Solar energy is also known as renewable source of energy, because, as opposed to fossil fuels this form of energy is generated from a source that does not deplete with use. It is rather interesting to know that the amount of energy disbursed by sun in forty minutes is enough to support human consumption of energy for the entire year. And, it is also surprising to know that we use a tiny fraction of this source. Uses of solar energy are below ten per cent in the US and it is less than five per cent in many developing countries. But, the cost of solar panel installation has gone down by over sixty per cent in last five years. And this shows the trend.

Uses of solar energy will be more and experts expect this to rise by at least twenty-five percent by the end of 2015. People are considering innovative applications where they can use solar power and reduce their energy bills by forty per cent. For example, there is a growth in solar power-based ventilation systems where bath fans, ceiling fans and floor fans can run on solar power. Along with knowing definition of solar energy people are now interested in knowing its applications. Another place where people would love to apply solar energy is in home heating and heating the water of the swimming pools. Scientists have now come up with solar panels that are easy to spread on your rooftop and are practically free of any maintenance.

Definition of solar energy cannot be very simple to understand for a lay person. But one can easily see the benefits solar energy offers. Uses of solar energy in charging battery can be one of the most simple and hassle free way to apply solar power. Solar cookers can be another way to save cost and it has health benefits too.

Nowadays, architects are using various types of solar collectors in their building designs to meet various energy needs. We can now see passive solar building design that captures the sun's radiation to provide heating and lighting arrangements for the entire establishment. For new age entrepreneurs definition of solar energy has opened up new vistas and they are now exploring newer methods to increase uses of solar energy.

Explore internet sources for definition of solar energy and uses of solar energy and do your bit for making our environment safe.

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