Upgrade your Yamaha bike with Yamaha frame sliders

Posted by gbracing on August 1st, 2013

As Yamaha is one of the most reputed brands of bikes in the market, it is wise to use crash protectors like frame sliders and engine covers so that you can provide better protection to the bike. With good Frame Sliders, users can give maximum protection for their bikes from crash. Yamaha Frame Sliders are specifically designed to protect as much of the motorcycle during a fall or a mishap. The tough and durable plastic will not break or shatter with the accident, since it is made of tough and strong material, which will wear off slowly promising ultimate protection for a longer duration to your bikes.

Motorcycle accessories enable the motorcycle owner to increase performance, comfort, or safety, and may include fittings from sidecars to mobile electronics and trailers.

Frame sliders, are also called as frame protectors, fairing protectors or crash bobbins. Motorcyclist mainly uses it to protect their bike’s side internal components in case there is a crash, or reducing damage in case the bike drops or dumps. Frame sliders are made of plastics such as Delrin, acetal, or aluminum or at times even nylon. The frame sliders are normally placed on the engine bolts on the left and right side fairings.

Similarly, sliders are at times fixed to motorcycle bar ends, and to rare or front axles, called fork sliders and swingarm spool sliders. These are considered to be very good in providing some possible damage reduction for the wheels, suspension components, and other parts by developing contact with the ground before the bike could actually do so. Bike and its parts are pretty expensive, and with little care we can use the same for an extended period of time. With proper care, you can increase the life of your Yamaha bike.

Everything is pretty convenient these days. Companies have come up with their websites where customers can easily buy the frame sliders kits at reasonable rates. Purchasing the crash protectors online is a convenient solution because you can get advice from the experts with respect to getting the most suitable crash protection for your motorcycle with ease.

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This article is written by Graham Banks. He is also associated with GB Racing. GB Racing has established itself as the market leader in Motorcycle Protection Products. They now have a FIM approved product range worldwide and provide protection gears like motorcycle frames, engine covers, bike chain guard, and much more.

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