Why choose to work with a California translation agency?

Posted by adairsawyer on August 1st, 2013

Nowadays, using more than one language in our professional and even personal life is not out of the ordinary. There are many situations in which we might need someone to help us communicate with foreigners or with translating all kinds of documents. Happily, in California, there are many companies offering Los Angeles translation services.

Of course, most people are able to speak or understand one or several foreign languages. Some may think they’d rather use their own knowledge or ask a friend for help than trust a stranger and pay considerable fares. However, when it comes to official matters, such as insurance papers, business meetings, study related documents and so on, it takes a specialist to have the job done well. We may believe that collaborating with a California translation agency would be a waste of money, an unneeded complication. But even if we talk our business partner’s mother tongue or if they talk English or, why not, if we both find a common territory in a third language, we might be able to understand perfectly well the general ideas spoken by a non-English speaker, but there is a great chance we miss out on important details. That is why it is preferable to choose professional Los Angeles translation services and hire an interpreter.

                In the case of written papers we should avoid amateur translations as well: if we are going to deliver a lecture at a francophone international conference, for example, it would be best to have our speech translated or at least proofread by a California translation agency’s employee no matter how well we assume we know French. In order to convey the right message, it is important to use a correct and fluent language. More than that, when it comes to official documents, for instance, it is usually actually necessary to have them translated by an authorized person. In fact, we should always make sure that the specialists offering Los Angeles translation services we choose to work with are certified by ATA – the American Translators Association. Otherwise, our papers might be rejected by the authorities to whom we hand them, which would be, indeed, a nuisance and would require even more effort afterwards.

                 Most of the times, however, we request Los Angeles translation services when we do not have the knowledge and ability to surpass the

language barrier. This is most commonly the case with rather exotic languages, such as Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek and so many others. In such cases, it is important to make sure that the translator or the interpreter we hire is also familiar with the culture involved. There is more to translating and interpreting than simply rendering certain words in a different language: knowing well the context and the larger implications of words is crucial. Any California translation agency should be aware of this fact and employ only highly-trained and responsible persons. We should always be looking for a company that has experience, but, more importantly, for professionals who take their jobs very seriously and assume the responsibility they have towards their customers and towards their job.

If you need Los Angeles translation services, don’t settle for amateurs. Take a look at what the best California translation agency has to offer.

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