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Posted by sophiamilller on August 2nd, 2013

Making use of the best materials when we are building or reconditioning the place and the equipment that we use for our business in order to save up energy and ensure the safety that is required is the only way that we can really make economies on the long term and show an eco-friendly attitude. A ceramic fibre blanket, for example, or manta de fibra is a very good option when it comes to heat insulation.

                Refractory materials or refractarios are very resistant to thermal stress. They do not change their features, structure and composition when exposed to even more than 1000 Celsius degrees. Thus, they ensure the possibility of industrially manufacturing glass, for example, or other type of products that can only be obtained at very high temperatures in a safe and energy efficient environment. A refractory fibre blanket, for instance, or manta de fibra, that can be used to repair industrial furnaces, to ensure the functionality of furnace door linings and seals, to expand joint seals and so on, can resist up to 1600 Celsius degrees. Besides the fact that it is very resistant to heat, a fibre blanket also has incredible insulating properties, which makes it extremely useful when it comes to reusable insulation for steam and gas turbines, to insulating thermal reactors or even to nuclear insulation applications.

                As it has already been mentioned, the fibre blanket or manta de fibra is only one of the numerous refractory materials or refractarios. There is a wide range of such materials, their common property being their resistance to heat, but also to other types of factors such as corrosion or physical wear. However, each one also has specific properties, which makes them ideal for certain applications but not recommended for others. They may react very differently, for instance, to certain chemical factors. Purchasing and using the most suitable type of material and of the best quality implies, on the one hand, making a wise long-term investment and, on the other hand, ensuring the proper development and the safety of our business. Otherwise, we would risk bearing the guilt of accidents involving significant material damages, serious injuries of our employers or co-workers and even death.

                The main features of a ceramic fibre blanket or manta de fibra make this type of refractory material useful for a wide variety of applications, as we have already seen. First, it is highly resistant to thermal shock, it is characterized by very low thermal conductivity and it does not store a high amount of heat, which makes it such a great insulator. Then, it is an eco-friendly material, since it does not contain any asbestos, fumes, binder or atmosphere contamination. It is also known for sound absorption properties. Moreover, it does not require drying and curing at regular intervals. But we do have to remember that not kind of refractarios have such properties so we have to be informed and make sure we find the right type of product for our particular needs.

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