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Many individuals who build fireplaces, ovens, stoves, etc. make the mistake of using traditional gypsum plaster on the walls of the heating appliances and, after a couple of weeks, they notice that traditional plaster does not stay on the wall. Individuals who want to ensure that their heat appliances will have a smooth finish that will last are recommended to use HEAT RESISTANT PLASTER and HIGH TEMPERATURE SILICONE.

As already mentioned, gypsum plaster is not suitable for heating appliances because of the fact that it cannot withstand high temperatures; HEAT RESISTANT PLASTER, on the other hand, provides protection up to 6500C and is the perfect choice for areas where the temperatures are too high and which are subjected to intense heat for long time periods. In addition, HEAT RESISTANT PLASTER is very easy to apply and will definitely look great for many years, provided that the recommendations concerning its preparation and application are observed: it is extremely important to mix the material with cold tap water, to apply it evenly and to make sure that the applied layer has a thickness of 3-6 mm. Also, this type of plaster should be left to dry for at least 3 days before starting to use the heating appliance.

The HIGH TEMPERATURE SILICONE is the optimum solution for sealing joints which enter into contact with high temperatures; it can be successfully applied on most building material, including wood, plastics, ceramics and glass and glazed surfaces. What is more, the HIGH TEMPERATURE SILICONE has excellent physical properties: it is not affected by exposure to sunlight or snow, it is easy to apply and its preserves its characteristics for many years. Individuals looking for an effective modality of sealing the joints of heating systems, kitchen appliances, boilers, stoves, fireplaces, pumps and motors, etc., are strongly encouraged to use this special product that will not fail their expectations.

Individuals who plan to build a heating appliance in the near future and need all sorts of heat resistant products, including fire bricks, fire dement, high temperature silicone, heat resistant rope seal adhesives, stove thermal tapes, etc., should consider placing an order on the Internet. There are plenty of manufacturers which advertise and sell their products online; and the great news is that their prices are often lower than the ones in brick and mortar stores. By shopping online, individuals can acquire the heat resistant products of their choice at rates that everyone can afford.

In case you are interested in purchasing high quality refractory materials, you should conduct a search on the Internet and strive to find a reputed manufacturer of such materials. This way, you can be sure that you will be delivered products of premium quality, manufactured with the latest technology available. Also, it would not hurt to do business with a long-standing company, which already has an impressive portfolio of customers. All in all, using heat resistant materials will definitely add value to and increase the resistance of your heating appliance!

We feature an extensive collection of heat resistant and refractory products, including HIGH TEMPERATURE SILICONE and HEAT RESISTANT PLASTER. We invite you to place an order with us and to see for yourself why we have so many customers all over the country!

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