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Posted by aminjan35 on August 4th, 2013

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umeed hy sub friends mazy main hoon gu acha aj main frirends k liye

Angry Bird Collection lay k hazir howa hoon umeed krta hoon ap ko pasand ayin geee

 Angry Birds

v1.2.1 Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax (6.70 MB)

2. v1.4.2 Danger Above

3.v1.4.3 The Big Setup

4.v1.5.3 Ham 'Em High

5. v1.6.0 Mine And Dine

6.v1.6.3 Mine And Dine update

7. v2.0.2 Birdday Party

       Angry Birds Seasons 2011

1. v1.0.1 Trick Or Treat (Halloween), Season's Greedings (Christmas)

2. v1.2.0 Hogs And Kisses (Valentine's Day)

3. v1.3.0 Go Green, Get Lucky (St. Patrick's Day)

4.v1.4.0 Easter Eggs (Easter)

5. v1.5.0 Summer Pignic

6.v1.6.0 Mooncake Festival (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival)


Angry Birds 2012

1.v1.0.0 Smugglers' Den, Jungle Escape

2.v1.1.0 Beach Volley

3. v1.2.0 Carnival Upheaval

4. v1.3.0 Airfield Chase

5. v1.3.2 Airfield Chase update

6. v1.4.0 Smugglers Plane

7. v1.4.2 Smugglers Plane update

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