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Using Personalized Stubby Holders Is Nouveaux yet Effective Advertising Tactic

Posted by adairsawyer on August 4th, 2013

Nowadays an accessory that has become a common sight in outdoor areas like pool-sides, beaches and camping arenas is a stubby holder. For individuals who are yet to be touched by the convenience associated with personalized stubby holders, it could be best described as an insulating wrapper for keeping cans or bottles of beer at lower temperatures. Thus you no longer have to suffer the fate of having to drink beer at room temperature simply because of lack of options for keeping it cool. Arrival of printed stubby holders is nothing short of a blessing from above because it is one of the easiest ways of preserving cold beer without it getting frosted.

So how did personalized stubby holders become so popular? The story began when people discovered how useful stubby holders could be due to their flexibility, stretching capability and insulation properties. Much of it is attributed to the incorporation of neoprene rubber during manufacture because this material can not only mold itself as per the shape of the container but also retain the temperature within irrespective of external conditions. Since these had already come to be universally accepted as ideal drinking companions, customizing them or opting for printed stubby holders was the next natural step.

When a company includes printed stubby holders in their overall marketing strategy, it is bound to accrue a number of benefits. To begin with it is a viable platform on which the logo and name of the company can be prominently displayed so that whoever uses the stubby holder would immediately relate it to the company in question. This will not just cause a manifold increase in the company’s visibility but also spread the word amongst masses about its existence. If it is a multinational firm then a step further from printing can be taken towards personalized stubby holders in accordance with the mindset of customers in different countries.

By channeling resources towards production and subsequent distribution of printed stubby holders, any firm would stand to benefit on the financial front. Killing a couple of birds with a single stone is a proverb that comes to mind here because a single investment of this nature would lead to accomplishment of a number of objectives. In case a new product is being launched, personalized stubby holders with names mentioned on them would serve as novel first offerings. For an already existing inventory, there is no cheaper way of sustaining the loyalty of old customers than sending across stubby holders as gifts.
Suppose an American firm decides to venture out beyond its horizons and chooses an Asian country like China to market its products. One of the first steps would entail conducting research into the existing market and collecting crucial information pertaining to the social and cultural factors. Based on these findings, the company can launch its promotional campaign and one of the gifts on offer could be printed stubby holders. If customization is to be indulged in, then gaining a thorough cognizance of local expectations and limits is a must before designing personalized stubby holders.

Given their multiple uses, printed stubby holders are usually in great demand and for a business it translates into twisting the situation to their advantage. After all, beer is a universal beverage which transcends political and geographical boundaries and something that keeps it cool is bound to be accepted the world over without too many questions being raised. Therefore, instead of using business cards that end up getting misplaced or decorative pieces that are soon forgotten, stubby holders serve as lifelong mementoes. Users are bound to take pride in personalized stubby holders which echo their personality and attitude in a subtle manner.

If you are looking for a creative yet effective way of promoting your business then personalized stubby holders represent an option that you must definitely consider. Uniformity can be sought through printed stubby holders and since these bear the same design they can act as identification of the brand.

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