Tips To Buy the Best Suited Tennis Racquet

Posted by EverythingTennis on August 5th, 2013

Tennis is a terrific game and at the same time, a dominant form of exercise, but to play it in the right way choosing the right racquet according to your skill level is necessary. When it comes to the tennis racquets there are a number of specifications that are relevant to take a look at before you spend for it; the head size, grip size, length of the racquet, beam width, string tension, weight of the racket are the key specifications that need to be considered well before taking the final decision. Here are a few tips on choosing the right racquet for your purpose.

Choosing the right grip size: To choose the right grip size of the racket hold it in a hand and try to put the index finger of the other hand within the grip while holding the racket. If there is not enough room for the index finger, it is too small; if there is more than enough room, it is too large. Always choose the smaller one when it comes between two sizes as you can always add something to increase the circumference of the racquet for better grip.

Choosing the right head size: Depending on the level of your skills, the head size should be wider or narrower. If you are a beginner, it is best, to start with a wider racket with a surface area of around 105 to 130 square inches, which will give you ease, of play and better chances to hit the ball. The ones with a smaller head size are more suitable for advanced players and offers better stability and manoeuvrability.

The right length: The next variable about tennis racquets is the length; traditionally the racquets have a length of 27 to 28 inches, but there are also the ones with 29 inches length. The longer ones give more power and better control.

The weight of the racket: The weight of the racket plays a pivotal role in the game. Racquets are typically made up of lightweight materials such as graphite, aluminium, titanium. The ones made with Boron or Kevlar are the lightest in the range but are best suited only for the advanced players as these racquets are quite stiff. The head heavy rackets are generally used by the beginners or the baseline players, whereas the handle heavy ones are preferred by the advanced players.

Before you buy a tennis racquet, it is necessary to judge the right one according to your requirements. You can get a large stock of tennis racquets in the online stores and also avail fabulous discounts.

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