Comparing Ampoule LED with Ruban LED

Posted by SharonEvans on August 5th, 2013

Are you are looking to renovate your office or home and you already have the design in mind, already bought all the new furniture and even settled on the color of the walls, but can’t quite put it all together? Something seems to be missing and you are unable to pinpoint exactly what it is. Well the one thing that works wonders in transforming a room is lighting. It is an important aspect to consider when you finally decide on making that all important change and in this regard the two choices that you will be faced with are ampoule LED and ruban LED. This calls for a diversification from traditional lighting but is a decision that you will never regret.

The kind of lighting you choose could make or break your design. That is why you must strive to effectively light the room as well as make it feel warm and inviting. The new LED technology will provide both while at the same time helping to deduct your power bills, which is something everyone is working towards nowadays. But there are different choices with LED that you might need to consider. The most commonly used versions are Ampoule LED and Ruban LED and each comes with its own set of pros and cons. In order to choose one, you as a buyer must weigh each one carefully against the other. 

With the ability to produce more light than the traditional variety Ampoule LED could be perfect for overhead lighting of the home or office and because it lasts so long. This implies that you will not need to change it very often. In comparison Ruban LED will also produce more light than the traditional tube and will last longer but is slightly different. This is because it can be used to create ambience in a room by being placed under cabinets in offices depending on the kind of lighting required.

Ampoule LED provides more light for fewer watts, which means that you save electricity every time you use them. They are also brighter and hence better for lighting large rooms as well as those that do not receive any natural light. When used in combination with Ruban LED these lights create an ambience for your home or office depending on your individual color tastes and preference. Advancements in technology mean that LEDs can produce that warm, yellow light that you may want for your offices or home.

Ruban LED comes in various types such as ultra bright light which can be used inside cabinets since this type of light produces more illumination. Super bright light is the middle range of brightness and works great in spaces that do not need so much light but would look unappealing without adequate lighting. Normal bright light is perfect for accent lighting, such as for above cabinets, inside cabinets and for lighting artworks. All of these incredible variations in light coupled with the variations of color that Ampoule LED offers, you might not need to choose between them and instead go with both.

What is even better is that both Ampoule LED and Ruban LED do not contain any mercury and hence are relatively simple to dispose. This is a problem faced by people who use traditional lights courtesy of the presence of mercury and its harmful effects. But then again you may not even get as far with disposal given the fact that the both types last for a very long time. Whether you decide to use one of the two or both, the benefits are immensely appealing and can turn any house into a home by simply adding a few in the right places.

If brightness is what you desire in your home then ampoule LED should be your first choice. Whether you use ampoule or Ruban LED or both, the decision to replace traditional lighting fixtures with these is bound to benefit you in a variety of ways.

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