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Posted by AngeloEverton on August 8th, 2013

 According to many, the concept of punch recipes has derived from Persia, which is created from blending five ingredients. Whereas, a few is of the view that it originated from the British in the 17th century. Punch drinks are normally served in the parties as a source of entertainment. Therefore, these should have prompt making procedure and delicious, so that can be served in great quantity. There are varied types of alcohol punch drinks and the most preferred for punch are rum, vodka and wine. Blended with a variety of mixes such as soda, juice, fruit and ice cream, the liquors become a refreshing cosmopolitan recipe. If you are about to throw a party or want to relax yourself, you can definitely try the below mentioned recipes:

Vodka Punch:

Vodka is one of the most popular choices for preparing punch recipes. It can be combined with juice, ice cream, tonic water, soda or some other mixture of these ingredients. Combined with lemon-sodas such as, 7UP or Sprite, vodka will come up with strong flavor. Well, those who prefer strongly flavored drink; they can mix some ginger ale as well. Wide ranges of cosmopolitan recipe flavors are available in the market including pineapple, cranberry, and orange, which goes simply well with vodka.

You can even think of using flavored vodka. Smirnoff vodka is available in flavors such as, strawberry, raspberry, black cherry, citrus, cranberry, vanilla, green apple and watermelon. For garnishing, you can use wedges of fruits catering to the flavors.

Wine Punch:

You can create some great alcoholic punch recipes out of both white and red wines. It can be combined with minimum one kind of alcohol. Gin and vodka will go perfectly with wine. When mixed with lemon-lime or any citrus fruits, wine can taste great like that of a vodka cosmopolitan recipe. You can even use Riesling or a blush, a sweet wine, without adding any type of alcohol.

Rum Punch:

When mixed with other ingredients, you can make one of the finest punch recipes with rum. With simple mixing of juice and soda, it will be made ready to serve your guests. You can even add water and boiling sugar to make syrup, which is later included in the punch. Generally, people do not prefer a mixture of soda with rum; hence, varied syrups are added to bring in the sweetness or the taste of flavor in it. Fruits such as, orange, lime and pineapple can be even added in the rum cosmopolitan recipe. However, make sure that raspberries and berries are purred and then blended with the mixture.

Whiskey Scotch Milk Punch:

Get a shaker, pour two ounces of scotch, and add six ounces of milk. Mix one pinch of nutmeg and one tablespoon of powdered sugar in the mixture. Now, mix the combination of sugar, scotch and milk along with ice. Shake and pour the blended liquor into a Collins glass. For dressing sprinkle nutmeg on the top.  

You can browse through varied websites to discover new and unique alcohol punch drinks. Or else start doing experiments.

You can find some great punch recipes online. is one such websites offering fantastic cosmopolitan recipe for all those who love doing experiments with drinks.

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