St. Thomas University School of Law ranked 4th in diversity by U.S. News & World

Posted by AngeloEverton on August 9th, 2013

 Each year, U.S. News & World Report comes out with a list of the nation’s most diverse law schools. This year, St. Thomas University School of Law came out at No. 4. Now, what does this mean? It means that at St. Thomas University, you’re likely to encounter a student from a different ethnic group than your own. But what makes so many minority students choose St. Thomas University, specifically, for their law school education? Year after year, this Miami Law School tops the diversity charts because it creates a supportive environment for minority students by fostering their academic and professional growth, maintaining a professional attitude and keeping class sizes small.

St. Thomas University Law School Miami makes sure all of its students have a voice. The school encourages diversity and promotes it through its 33 student organizations, including the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA), which is dedicated to addressing Asian Pacific American issues in the legal community, such as immigration and civil rights; the Black Law Student Association (BLSA), which focuses on the needs of black law students and ways to respond to them appropriately;and the Hispanic American Law Student Association, which provides a forum for Latino students to discuss issues, on both a local and global scale, that directly affect their community. This Miami Law School also boasts student organizations that focus on lessening the gender/sexual orientation gap that exists in today’s workplace.

St. Thomas University Law School Miami appreciates and nurtures diversity. The school is dedicated to recruiting and retaining a diverse student population that will become the next generation of global leaders in the legal profession. The law school’s diverse student body coupled with its low student-faculty ratio creates a very supportive and intellectually stimulating environment that promotes the flow of new ideas and ways of thinking. No matter where you decide to go to law school always keep in mind that diversity makes for a unique and culturally enriching academic experience. If all the students enrolled in law school were of the same ethnic and socioeconomic background, there would be a noticeable difference in the lack of original ideas. And as a result, our country might not be as advanced in the legal field as it is today. So when deciding on a law school, make sure to take diversity into account.

If you want to attend a top law school, one with an impeccable reputation, Miami Law School is an excellent choice. Visit our website to learn more about Law School Miami and about its competitive and diversified programs.

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